Jordyn's October trip to Hollywood

Lights! Camera! Action!
I'm going to HOLLYWOOD! Ya! I got a whole week of school off. But, before we pack up the car I have to do a big piece of math, my mom gave me a choice of to do the 3 times tables or daily routines 6.1 - 6.5. I chose 6.1 -6.5. It was mostly multiplication and division...BORING! I think during your recess I was setting up my car, BUMMER. Well at least my sister got to take care of Alaina (my other sister) Peeu!

After I'm done with my homework we went to Hollywood. When we passed the back gate my mom looked back at me and said why don't you do algebra. I went into shock when she gave me algebra; she did something like 35.x =280 but much larger.

On the way to Hollywood I saw a tar hole that had a fake elephant. Wow, what do you know? There was a tar museum. My mom and dad were surprised that military was free! We first saw a saber tooth cat that turned alive and dead. Did you know that saber tooth cats are not lions?

In the museum there was a glass that filled with tar and there were some strong, metal handles we got to see how tough it was to escape from a tar pit. It was so cool because there was a saber tooth cat attacking a land sloth that had sound affects. There was a clear room that had museum worker working on a thigh of a land sloth and it was gigantic thigh bone compared to mine. Finally we got to the end of the museum. When we got outside my sister (Jenna) saw that there were saber tooth cat footprints on the sidewalk.

YES!!!!!! We finally we arrived at Hollywood! My dad put 4 quarters in the parking meter which was 1 hour to see all the stars. We walked a long way to see Walt Disney's star, Harry Potter's and his friends hand prints as well as Shirley Temple's too. We got to see Spiderman, Darth Vader, and the Pirates of the Caribbean crew. Thank you for reading my blog.

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October 9, 2008

Oh no there is a fire help! Help! Anyway I'm at my school, Mary Fay Pendleton. My name is Myleigh.

Is that a science test? Oh no who likes tests? Boohoo for us because we did not do reading, however, we did go to writing with Mrs. Barone. In writing, we did charades. I think it was so much fun because, we were doing good and not talking. We were not talking during charades because when you play, you can't talk so you just move your body to act out the words instead of talking.
After writing, we went to lunch and then to recess, it was pretty fun. Do you like recess?

When we got inside we did S.S. We had a quiz to help us with our big test. The quiz was about-the regions of California. The four regions are, desert, coast, valley and mountains. I think everyone did really well because they all had big smiles on their face and bragged about their test. Most cheerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd and, yipped, and screamed it was a wonderful day. Now it's time to go home and we will be back tomorrow to start a new day.

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September 30, 2008- by Andrew

Today was pretty good because we got off to a good start. Sometimes we have to go back outside if we are too loud. We started to get out our homework so that the homework checkers could check our homework. As soon as we were done getting out our homework we took out our d.o.l(daily oral language)as quick as lighting. After that we got out our daily routines book (math book) well mostly because Mr. Kootman turns off the projector so we can't see the d.o.l. We also got out our homework book.

When we were done with those books we went to our hard cover math book. We learned how to do expressions with parentheses (5+7)-4=8. After we were done with that we went outside for recess. When we got back in from recess we started reading in our Open Court book. The story was called Two Tickets To Freedom.

As soon we were done with our book we went over to Miss.Barone's class room which is writing class. When we were done with that we went to class but we had some difficulty getting out the door because everyone was talking. But we finally got out the door and got into the cafeteria and ate some NACHOS!!!and BEAN and CHEESE BURRITOS!!!

When we were done with lunch we went to Miss. Moore's classroom for science which is pretty interesting, to me. When we where done with science we went to our home room with Mr.Kootman for social studies to learn the terms urban area,suburban area and rural area. Urban area is a place to where there are a whole bunch of tower's big buildings with homes inside it. Suburban area is an area just outside a city. Rural area is an area with farms and houses. Here is a photo of a rural area.

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September 25, 2008- by Ashley

Happy birthday Jodie! How old are you today?

We started the day off with some D.O.L.Then we did Daily Routines lesson 4.4. Daily Routines is review in one of our math workbooks.Then, we went to the hard cover math book.The lesson that the whole class learned was Subtracting Across Zeros. This is when you get a problem that looks like this: 1000- 525. You have to regroup from another column.

RECESS!!!!I had some Cheetos, Doritos, Popcorn, and a piece of Wonka chocolate.YUM!!!!! When we came back inside, we read Mae Jemison a biography by Gail Sakurai. After that, we went to Miss.Barone's class. While we were in Miss.Barone's we took a quiz about time and order words. Some examples of time and order are: today, then, first, before, after that and finally. LUNCH!!!! For lunch I had Little Cesar's pizza, grapes, and milk. LUNCH RECESS!!! Me,Nalani,and Katelyn played "I Spy Myleigh".

Science time!!!! Today in science we (the class) did some things on the back of our homework sheet like: the class drew a flower on the back of our homework sheet.Then, we named all the important jobs that the following parts of the plants provide.For example,the stem helps the plant stand up right. Next,there's the roots which collect the nutrients from the soil. Finally,there's the leaf which produces chlorophyll from sunlight.

Next,we had to go to our own classroom again. When we went back to our class, we did social studies. In social studies we learned how settlers decided where to live. BELL RING!!!! Time to go home!!!! After school I have to go to a program called MCCS. Me, Nalani, Ariel, and Lorenzo go to MCCS to play,eat and do homework there. Sometimes it's fun there sometimes it's not!