November 26, 2007- by Hunter

Wow! Didn't see that coming. Mr.Kootman got a bloody nose while teaching science today. In science, we learned about microorganisms and Mr.Kootman said "there are more bacteria cells in you, then there is you in you". Next,we went on to math. I'm confused because we switched from lesson 9.5 to 9.4. The lesson was equations with variables. We were using varibles to write equations from word problems. Then we had our Trimester Writing assessment and Mr.Kootman is still grading them using a Rubric!

We read "Business is Looking Up." Mr.Kootman read all 14 pages, so his voice must have hurt! Our class chapter book is called Room One. Ted got in trouble by Mrs.Mitchell because he was at the Anderson's house and he says "I'm doing a boy scout project". Finally, we had p.e. where we played war ball rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I got out about 6 times but they always got me back in. I got Mr.Kootman out then Devin Diaz got Ms.Sarina out! That was the last thing we did today!

November 14, 2007- by Joey

The blog is getting away; catch it!!!! Today we ran on the basketball court. We did a math practice test and a real test.The test was on lesson 8.1-8.7, which was about using parentheses. Yoga was awesome; we did a shoulder stand and push ups. After yoga we did our vocabulary, our words are community,restoring,harvest,organic,vendor and explain.

After language arts, we went to lunch. Lunch was rib sandwich or a strange kind of pizza. My mom makes almost all the lunches because she works in the cafeteria. When lunch was over we read Room One. It was about a boy whose name is Ted who meets a girl whose name is April. She needed food for her family so Ted gets some food for the family. When our chapter book was finished, we did music. In music, we square danced to Lil Mary Jane and it was awesome. Finally we went home.


November 7, 2007- by Samantha

Have you been to the Marine Corps birthday celebration? We have. We started off our day doing A through I on our new math Excel worksheet. Megan and I were the first ones done.Then we moved to our math book where we learned to multiply three factors. It wasn't very hard for most of us. We didn't finish the entire lesson before Mrs. Cecil walked in and told us that recess was going to be at 9:15. A few minutes later, all of us got our snacks out. Some of us were still full from breakfast, so we weren't ready just yet. A number of us didn't get to eat all of our snacks because Mr. Kootman said it was field trip time.

As soon as room 40 was loaded and ready to leave with another class the bus took off. We were on our way to the soccer field,where the birthday celebration took place. It wasn't long before the bus stopped and almost all of the fourth grade classes started swarming towards the booth. Almost half the class nearly lost the other half until we noticed it was right behind us. Mr.K got us seated and we waited for a while. Then a person on a microphone asked us to stand for the Marine Corps song. We remained standing for a few other things.While they were talking we were actually also learning about how the uniforms changed over the years and about our nation's proud history. A lot of us thought it was just a speech you know with out presents. But we were proved wrong when a small little carrier car drove out on to the field carrying the biggest cake I have ever seen. None of us got a piece and we didn't think we would.The cake was cut with a sword. I guess just to seem more military like.We saw them serve two pieces of cake to the general and some one else. A boy said he wanted to be a general just to get a piece of that big cake.

Shortly after the cake was served we left for school again.It seemed like we were going in circles over and over again just to get out of traffic, if there was any.Some of us got a little frustrated with the driver. Soon we got back to school and finished our snacks.Surprisingly, we got back about half an hour before lunch.I bet a number of us thought it was going to be an all day field trip.A half an hour later we all went to lunch.

When we got back from lunch we read our class chapter book,Worth.In this chapter Nathaniel hears about how the two families that fight alot blame each other for tragedies that most likely were coincidental. Next we read Wells and William G. Fargo. Finally we wraped up our day playing kick ball basketball and went home.


November 6, by Christian F.

We had an assembly, and West Winds Brass played for us and they were awesome. For math we had a practice test on graphs. Then we were going to take the graded test. I think I`m going to do well on the test because I am really good at graphs. Ah yes! I did really well!
I only missed one. Yes! I love math it`s fun huh?

We jumped into reading and my class and I are did our vocab and clues chart. Don`t tell anyone but I`m not done yet. I think my table is done already. I am so behind in my table. I`m slow at writing. Are you slow at writing? Finally, I finished it. It took forever to finish my vocab and clues chart. I wish I was faster at writing.

Then, the paper passers handed out cursive sheets. I hate cursive. Do you hate cursive? I don`t like writing at all. I would rather do math but this is writing. Then we took the spelling practice test. I studied a lot and I got most of them right. Yes! We have twenty words. If you had my words, would you get most of them right?

All in all, today was a weird day! Everything was early because of the music assembly. It was kinda fun but I was ready to go home.


November 1, by Max

EAT HEALTHY, EAT HEALTHY!!!! Isn't it funny we had an assembly about eating healthy after a night of eating candy for dinner (ha-ha)? Today we attended an assembly about eating healthy and eating at least one of the foods from all five of the food groups (protein, grains, calcium, vegetables, and fruits). We played a game in which the students had to place the food in the right food group. In some cases students didn't get it right. But we all learned a lot of important things. Following the assembly, in math, we finished our Excel worksheet. This is the one which the answers to the problems add up to a certain number provided. Then we learned about line graphs, double bar graphs, and stem and leaf plots. We learned that line graphs progress over a period of time; that double bar graphs provide for two sets of data; and that stem and leaf plots show groups of data arranged by place value. Normally we would do yoga after math, but because of the assembly it was canceled. Miss Swanlund is our yoga teacher.

After snack, we read our class story for language arts. In the story, there are two main characters, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo, the founders of the American Express Company. It was neat to learn about one of the biggest banks in our country. During writing class we learned about "ou", "oi", "oy" and "ow" sounds. Finally the long morning was over and it was time for lunch. It was loud in the lunch room, as usual!!! Some things in my lunch were healthy and some were not. After eating we went out to the playground and I played with my friends.

When we came inside, we read our class chapter book called Worth. Nathaniel throws a book out of his window and John picks it up and tries to read, but he can't read it because he never went to school. Mr. Kootman reads the book to us. He is good at making us see the picture in our minds. Today we started science. I've been waiting all year for us to start science. It's one of my favorite subjects. We are learning about plants and how they grow. Plants make oxygen for us and we let off carbon dioxide for the plants to use.

Finally, we all packed our books in our backpacks. Everyone walked or got on the bus to go home - it was really crowded on my bus.

October 31, by Deisha

Guess what today is? Crazy hair day (and Halloween too); and Aiko's hair is so crazy! First of all for math we did our Excel sheet, then we went to a nutrition assembly and we learned so much. It was like something smacked us in the eye! We are not going to have yoga tomorrow because we have another nutrition assembly. After that, we went to recess to eat our snacks; it was a blast at recess. After recess, we did reading. The book was called Henry Wells and William G. Fargo. Those are interesting names aren't they? Next we did our practice spelling test on the oi sound and the o sound and I got a 20 out of 20,but everyone did a good job.

When the clock went on 12:15 we went to lunch. When we got to the cafeteria, it was like a jungle in there it was so loud me and my friends couldn't hear anything but screaming. But the meal was good. The food was "oishi" that means delicious in Japanese. After lunch we went to afternoon recess,it was so cool when I did a one hand cartwheel. Isn't that so cool?

Then when recess was over, we came in to do social studies. What we did was a review before we started our science. Best of all we got a science workbook,but we didn't start writing yet we just put them in our desks. Isn't that so cool ,to me it is. I cant wait till next week because we are having yoga.

When we were done with social studies the timer went off and it was time for us to get dismissed to go home. The way Mr.Kootman dismissed us was by how clean our desks were, not just on our desk but under our desk too. When Mr.Kootman called table 3(my table)we got out of the class room to go home, but most people don't go directly home. They might go to MCCS. I'm sure all of us had a great time at school.


October 21, by Diego

Tonight is the Fall Festival! I am going,are you? Next week we are starting science finally.Today,we started out with some quick review and some mixed review for math. I got it all right. Then, we started our math lesson on stem and leaf plots on our white boards. It was pretty fun .After that,we started our math test. It was on line plots and some other stuff. I think i did pretty good on it.

Next,we went to recess and when that was over we started on our spelling and vocab book where we practice our spelling words.Then,we started our spelling test which I think I did good on. After that, we started on our social studies. We learned a lot in that one book. It was about 12:20 so we were on our way out to lunch.

When we came back from lunch, we started handing off, which is where you ask a question and you throw a paper ball and someone else answers the question that you pick. When that was over we started the reading test. I was pretty sure I got a good grade on the test. It didn't take me to long to do the test but I did well.

Today we got the marbles over the line so when we went to HOT time I played tag with my friends and it was very fun. When the bell rang we all went to our classrooms and then I went to daycare waiting to go to the fall festival tonight!