May 24, by Jake

The class didn’t have “p.a.t” time for the 5th time this month!!!!!! Today we started out with a math test on chapter 29, which is about fairness and probability. After that, we moved on to language arts. Some people are still working on their Early America summary, but most of the class got through it in a snap. Then we had a reading test on “Early America” That was easy! I took it and got a 100%.

Finally, the class read “Orphan Runaways” after lunch. Uncle Hank took Danny to the lake and told him to wash their clothes. After that Danny rested for three hours. Uncle Hank was going to get marred to the Chinese woman. Danny was shocked!

After we read, most of us went out to H.O.T time (homework on time).And that’s our day!!

May 22, by Eric W.

Today we got to play with dice in math it was fun! We were learning about probability. The whole class took the school district test for math. It was easy for some people because the test was about math that Mr. Kootman taught us. We had yoga. It was really loud so Mr.K had to use his loud whistle so people had to be quiet or they have to sit on the bench at recess if they were still talking. You should hear it when Mr.Kootman whistles with his hands.
The class book that we are reading is The Voyage of the May Flower. I think it will be a good story. The class writing assignment was on Early America. A lot of people got benched because they didn’t bring in their assignment today.
The class chapter book that we are reading is Orphan Runaways. Smokey Joe is a boy that smokes cigars and Dannie and Judd are brothers. They came a long way from an orphanage because their sister was getting adopted so they didn’t want her to leave. They go to a town where people are acting crazy and shooting muskets but it’s a party that they have every year.

Lastly, we went to the PAWS shop to get prizes and you have to win a drawing to get PAWS tickets or you can do something good to get one.


May 17, by Nick

Today the class was as loud as a fire siren so we lost a train full of marbles. We started with math and we learned how to estimate probability. Afterwards we did yoga and we didn’t learn any special poses. When everyone got back we started working on the math packet which is math problems based on what we learned in math. Everyone in the Fallbrook school district is doing a writing prompt this week, so we practiced by doing a summary based “Early America”. Then we went to recess for fifteen minutes; in my opinion it goes by very quickly.

Afterwards we came back into the class and Mr.Kootman read Early America, our Open Court Story. It is about when the colonists arrived from Europe and take land from the Native Americans. Then we went to lunch, everyday it’s the same, its always yelling until Mrs.Gilstrap comes in and starts yelling at us telling us to be quiet. I wish it would change to where people stay quiet.

Like always, when we came back from lunch Mr.Kootman read us our class book Runaway Orphans. It is about brothers who run away from an orphanage and try to get their uncle which they’ve already done, but the story isn’t over yet! It is like another social studies book because it tells about California so we learn a little. Afterward we did social studies and we’re just getting into a new unit and it’s about California’s environment. Then we got dismissed to go home which I was obviously happy about.


May 15, by Perri

Today, 5th and 6th grade had to take STAR tests. We’re lucky because we didn’t have to take them! In the morning when I got to school, I looked on the board and we had 3 pages in arithmetic! We had a lot of number sentences to solve. We learned how to make tree diagrams. They are a way to find possible combinations of variables.

After that, we started a new unit in our Open Court books and began a new story called “Early America”. The story is about colonists beginning a new life in the Americas. Next, we had to go to Yoga. In the beginning, it was VERY loud, but once everyone got settled down it was quiet.

After that, we had recess and snack. When we got back, we started a practice summary for the Fallbrook Union Writing Assessment. We have about a week to do that. Pretty soon, we had to go to lunch, and then outside, so the teachers could finish their lunch. When we came back inside, we read the class chapter book, called
“Orphan Runaways”. Then, we had to go to Library. But then, it was time to go home!

May 14, by Sam

Last week was the STAR testing. It was the hardest test I have taken! For today, we did math morning work first. This was a review of outcomes and probability. Once we finished, we corrected our morning work. Then we learned about tree diagrams and outcomes. The outcomes in our book mostly require a spinner, some dice, and a sack of marbles. Mr. Kootman assigned our math practice sheets. But he got our math packet mixed up with our math homework. After the mix up was corrected we went to recess.

When we got back we reviewed our vocabulary and clues chart for Early America. Then we did classifying and categorizing in our c.l.a.s book. After that we went to lunch.

At 1:00 we came back and we read Orphan Runaways. Then we reviewed social studies. In the social studies review we learned 5 new vocabulary words such as delegate. When we were done with that we went to play kickball for p.e. Finally, we got paid, we packed and parted.

May 1, by Sabrina

Today was a sunny and chilly morning, but I wasn’t cold. After the bell rang we had to do math as usual. During math time we learned about negative numbers. We learned about the heat and cold too. Math was fun until 9:30am. That is the time we have to go to yoga.

Yoga was the same too. But Mr. Kootman was mad at us because the noise in yoga was from us. We don’t usually make the noise, the other forth graders make the noise. So when we went back to the class Mr. Kootman said, ”Don’t do that again” and than we went back to math. So we went on and then recess came.

When we went back in we started to do some mission projects. This is when people present their oral reports on California Missions. We did like two or three mission projects. When we started to do social studies we learned about the gold rush. We were about to learn about Sutter’s Mill but it was lunch time. After lunch and recess we went back in to do social studies. We learned a little about Sutter’s Mill, which is where gold was found, and Sutter’s Fort and than it was time to go to the library.

In the library we went to look for books but I didn’t get any. I was just sitting in a chair reading a book as usual. When Mr. Kootman said it was time to go we walked down to the classroom and Scott passed down the money. Then everybody got ready to go. But I didn’t want to leave cause I love school but I had to.


April 30, by Torrian

It was chilly out side and people come out side with a spoon saying “Chili! Chili! In math we are doing three dimensional shapes. We learned the difference between a triangular pyramid and a square pyramid. One has a base shaped like a square and the other has a base shaped like a triangle. It is pretty easy. It has a lot of steps.

In yoga we went back to class early because we were being loud. After yoga, we read Koko’s Kitten. It was sad because one of the cats died. We did a CD reed for it.

The chapter book we read today was Island of the Blue Dolphins. We finished it today. It ended with Karana leaving the island on a ship. It was a good book. Today was also because Mrs. Seals leaves the next day. Now I’m going to go eat some chili.