by Aileen

Today was a rough day because we lost a bunch of marbles, but yesterday we earned more marbles than today. First, we did math and learned about variables. After that we went to yoga and we learned a new pose. Shortly afterwards, we went out to snack and after snack we read Escape.

After lunch we were about to read Edward Tulane but, we were interrupted by a loud bell for a practice fire drill. Meanwhile we did our third paragraph of our autobiography. And that wraps it up for the day.


Thursday September 21

The class truly did learn a lesson from Wednesday. We have earned a ton of marbles today. This makes it easy for Mr. Kootman to teach and then we all learn better.

In math, we learned that an equation needs to have an equal sign. If it has no equal sign, then it is just an expression. When working with an equation or expression, parentheses always come first.

After lunch, we read two books, Edward Tulane and The Color of Us. The Color of Us showed us that everyone has a different color skin, even our family members. This made us realize that life would be boring if everyone had the same color skin.

We ended our day by once again rewriting our autobiographies. Mr. Kootman apologized for misguiding us in our first paragraph.


Wednesday September 20

The class learned a valuable lesson today. If we are not quiet and don’t pay attention, we will not always get to do the things we want. We missed PE because we were fooling around and were also loud in class.

The first thing we did today was take our Chapter 3 math test. We learned that we still need to practice regrouping and carrying. Also, estimation is a skill we will need to use for the rest of our lives.

Before lunch, we reread Sarah, Plain and Tall and then did a quickwrite about the story. Michaela asked why the story did not have a happy ending. This is because we only read a small part of a larger book.

During science time, the class learned about the processes of erosion and weathering. Weathering breaks down landforms and rock formations. Erosion carries away the small pieces of rock and soil.

Tomorrow, our plan is to earn more marbles than today. Devyn suggested paying attention and following directions. Let’s see if we can do it!


Tuesday September 19

This is the blog that almost didn’t make it! We did a ton of things today, including writing our autobiography. We started the day with cursive and practiced our “s”s and “r”s. In math, we prepared for our Chapter 3 test on carrying and regrouping. We are confident that our test will go well.

After math, we went to yoga in the cafeteria. Ms. Swanlund taught us several new poses, including The Warrior and Downward Facing Dog.

During language arts time, we began Sara, Plain and Tall. This story is about a family on the plains that gets a new mom from Maine. Practicing pronouns was also an interesting activity we did today.

After lunch we continued reading Edward Tulane and began the second paragraph is our autobiography.

Tuesday by Room 40

Have you ever tried to lick your elbow? Well, it doesn’t work because you can never bring your elbow closer to your mouth because your arm is connected to your shoulder. That was just a fun fact for the day.

Today, we started the day by reviewing for our math test. It will be on rounding and comparing numbers. For rounding, Michael told us that “Five or above, give it a shove. Four and below, let it go.” This will help us remember whether the round up or down.

In language arts, we reread Toto while listening to the CD. We then made a Venn diagram about the main characters. In yoga, about 60% of the class now has mats. People are learning how to do yoga quietly.

Before lunch, we started our autobiography. An autobiography is an informative essay about ourselves. This began by making a web that included our family, friends, favorite sports, appearance and more. Soon, we will turn the web into paragraphs.

This morning, we gained a lot of marbles. Unfortunately, after lunch was not as good. If we get over the red line, we earn P.A.T. This is Preferred Activity Time. Sometimes, we play educational games or the class chooses fun activities. Things are looking good this week!


By the Whole Class

Today we received another writing book for the definitions of our vocabulary words. It may take some time, but we will all learn to create a great personal dictionary. This will help us learn new vocabulary words. We read our vocabulary words in the story Toto. Toto was about a baby elephant that has his life saved by a young boy.

In math, we practiced rounding. Many more people are catching on. We started rounding in third grade, but it takes a lot of time to get it right.

At the end of the day, we went out for physical education. We had fun playing dodgeball. Today was a perfect day for dodgeball because it was not as hot as last week.


By all of room 40

Today we received five new students from Ms. Swanlund’s class. We are looking forward to getting to know them better. Everyone was very excited about getting over the red line in the marble jar. Mr. Kootman said today was a great day, but we needed to start earning marbles from the beginning of the week. That way we would be sure to earn our PAT time.

We started the day by learning about charts in math. We continued to compare large numbers also.

After that, we did handing off about Mrs. Frisby and the Crow. This helped us think about the whole story before taking the test. We also took our spelling test and most people did really well.

After lunch, we were joined by five new students and then we reorganized the room. Things got pretty chaotic for a while, but we are all settled in for Monday.


MFP 40-Mr. Kootman's Class

By all of Mr. Kootman's Class
Students in Room 40 have been drinking a ton of water lately! This means we have also had a lot of people paying the treasurer to use the bathroom. This is very similar to how we are learning about cause and effect. When you drink a lot of water, your body needs to flush itself out.
We started the day by doing greater than and less than in math. After that, we went to the cafeteria to do yoga. A lot more people brought mats today. In reading, we read Mrs. Frisby and the Crow while listening to the book on CD.
Today was the first time we used our Spelling and Vocabulary Book. Half the class thought it was easy and half the class thought it was difficult. At lunch, they served us Sour Puss Juice Pops. They made our faces turn red like tomatoes.
After lunch, we continued to read Edward Tulane. In the story today, his pocket watch got sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Finally, in social studies, we plotted the absolute locations of many cities on a map.


MFP 40-Mr. Kootman's Class

Wednesday September 6, 2006
It was extraordinarily hot today, as it has been since we started school. Today got up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in Fallbrook! First we took our chapter one math test about place value. Mr. Kootman and our parents prepared us well for the test.
After the test, we continued to type up our interviews. Next, we reread Mrs. Frisby and the Crow. Then, we studied cause and effect together as a class. We also discussed different types of nouns.
After lunch, we started the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. We are all curious to see what happens to the rabbit in the book. We ended by beginning our social studies lesson on hemispheres.


MFP 40-Mr. Kootman's Class

The first day of September ended our first week of school. During math time, we continued with place value and we even made our own class graph. Following that, we read about Rosa Parks and how she stood up for her rights.

When we finished that, some of us typed our interviews. Before lunch, we started painting our California Regions Map. Afterwards, we labeled it.

Finally, H.O.T time was stupendous! We all played outside with our friends. That wraps up our first week in fourth grade.