Tuesday by Room 40

Have you ever tried to lick your elbow? Well, it doesn’t work because you can never bring your elbow closer to your mouth because your arm is connected to your shoulder. That was just a fun fact for the day.

Today, we started the day by reviewing for our math test. It will be on rounding and comparing numbers. For rounding, Michael told us that “Five or above, give it a shove. Four and below, let it go.” This will help us remember whether the round up or down.

In language arts, we reread Toto while listening to the CD. We then made a Venn diagram about the main characters. In yoga, about 60% of the class now has mats. People are learning how to do yoga quietly.

Before lunch, we started our autobiography. An autobiography is an informative essay about ourselves. This began by making a web that included our family, friends, favorite sports, appearance and more. Soon, we will turn the web into paragraphs.

This morning, we gained a lot of marbles. Unfortunately, after lunch was not as good. If we get over the red line, we earn P.A.T. This is Preferred Activity Time. Sometimes, we play educational games or the class chooses fun activities. Things are looking good this week!

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