June 10, 2008- by Devin P.

Wow! It is already the end of the school year! Hi my name is Devin and I am typing a blog during a Tuesday in the last week of school. The first thing we did today was our morning work, our morning work is D.O.L and a page in our math book. D.O.L is a worksheet that has different activities, like correcting sentences and other grammar work. D.O.L stands for Daily Oral Language. The math page that we did was math test review, which is about fractions.

After we did our morning work we went to yoga. During yoga it was so quiet while we were doing our stretches. We were so quiet because Mr. Kootman told us to be quiet or else we owe him a lap around the track. After yoga we went back to class and took our math test. The math test was so easy because we only had 16 problems on the test.

Then we went to recess where I played basketball with my friends, Conner, Hunter, Cyphrus, Christian L. and Kianna; we played half court shooting. Half court shooting is were you go half court and try to make the basket by throwing the ball with one hand. So Hunter, Cyphrus, and I are the only ones that made it so far.

After recess we watched two science video that were on Electro-Magnets and regular magnets. The first video that we saw was about how magnets have two sides, one side is the south side and the other side is the north. If you put the north side to the south side they will attract and if you put the same side to each other the magnets will be forced to not touch the other magnet. The vocab word for this is repel.

The second video was about energy volts and you should never go in a generator room with metal on you. It even told us a lot of experiments to do and we did two experiments. One of the experiments was rip off a bottom of a plastic cup and put water in it and a little wire in the middle then it will be like a compass. Then we tried an experiment that you have to have a magnet, wire, paper clip and a cup of water. Then you take the wire and Try to pick up a paper clip but it won't pick up a paper clip, so then you rub the wire on the magnet and it gets electric so the wire can pick up the paper clip and we tried to pick up a paper clip and it worked. This is called a temporary magnet.

Then we went to lunch, I had a hot dog for lunch with Pringles, Gatorade and hot Cheetos. Once we got dismissed from eating lunch we went up top to play; I played handball with Sam, Christian, Austin and Matthew. We played elimination handball .

After lunch recess we read our classroom book named No Talking. The chapter was about when they are not talking but they can only say three words. Then we read a lesson in our science book and we watched a movie about hybrid cars. At that point, I got signed out because I had to go to an orthodontist appointment for my braces.

So that is the end of my blog!

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June 6, 2008- by Devin D.

UH OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! We're starting a new math lesson today! Mr.Kootman's class is on chapter 4 this week,"Add Unlike Fractions" . We have to do fractions like 3 6/7 + 4 2/7= 8 1/7. Some people still need help on some stuff in our math packet. The chapter that were on is " Chapter 18 Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers ".

It was Thursday, the last day reading "Going West" in our Open Court book. Some people did not know what song was at the beginning and the end of the story, but Jackson ( a very intelligent kid) knew the answer. Mr.Kootman asked Devin Diaz (me) to see if he knows it. The story was 8 pages long.(522-529)

After reading, our class did our C.L.A.S. Book. We did page 208-209 on "Understanding and Combining Sentences". We had to write down BIG words like ,interrogative, imperative, declarative, and exclamatory. On the second page we had to combine sentences together,or make the words capitalized. We also learned a lot about run-on sentences during class. Run-on sentences are like sentences with and or but (sometimes commas) that seem to keep going on and on forever.

The next thing we did was read No Talking. The girls were winning the no talking contest by a couple points. Mostly the fifth-graders are called the "Unshushables". The girls were sometimes laughing at the boys, because they were losing. Sometimes the boys forgot that they were playing a quiet game. One girl thought that "um" was a word, but no. The teachers were astonished by their good behavior.

Near the end of the day we did an art project on a volcano. First, we started with a black permanent marker to draw the main part of the volcano. Second, we pointed out were the ash, lava, magma,and lava holes are. Last, we did patterns and lava with whatever color pencil we received. The focus was on creating patterns within the volcano.

Lastly, we were about to go to P.E, but some people were too loud. So we went back inside and read until school was out.

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June 3, 2008- by Megan

Oh, man I'm moving tomorrow, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Waaaaaaaah...sniff. But,forget about that.Today we started off with our morning work,I'm guessing that it was easy but how am I supposed to know? I was on the computer doing a photostory on static electricity with Katarina, Deisha,and Kianna. Then we did "Subtract Like Fractions" in our math book, that lesson was quite easy because it was almost the same as the lesson we did yesterday called "Add Like Fractions." We were almost finished when yoga came along, so we went to yoga. When that was done and over with we FINALLY went to was fun.

At 10:45, we finished math,then we did the Trimester Test Writing Prompt. It was sooo easy,and me. I'm sure that everyone did really well. When we finished that 12:20 happened to be the time,so we went to lunch,YUM. After lunch we went music and learned about Dutch music and how they live, we also listened to a song from the 60's called "Spinning Wheel." Next,we did our spelling words, it was soooooooo boring!!! Afterwards,we read our story called "Going West". Along with that we practiced our vocabulary some more.

This was the last thing we today. OMG!!! we didn't do Social Studies or read our chapter book!!! Well thats not ok. I really like reading our chapter book,and today is my last time to read it!!! Well,thats it.

June 2- by Cyphrus

Finally two more weeks of schoooool! We just started a new lesson on adding and subtracting fractions. When you add or subtract fractions you first have to add yourdenominator then you look at your numerator then you get your answer . After that we went out to recess and I played kick ball. When that was over we went inside and read "Going West" its about how people traveled to the west.

After reading, we had our second writing test for the trimester. The writing prompt was response to literature. We read a short story about three brothers who learned a lesson from their father. Afterwards we went to lunch. For lunch we had corndogs. When the fourth,fifth, and six graders were done all the kids went out to lunch recess. I played soccer with the fifth graders and made four goals. Hunter made five goals so did Devin D. Once recess was over we went to music; it was our last time in music, except for the people in band.

After music, we went back to class and we were making our own questions for a Jeopardy game that Mr. Kootman made. When that was over the class went out and played Kickball -basketball with Mrs.Moore. It was blazing hot outside and I was wearing a sweater. I did not know what the score was but I think it was a tie. When that was over, school got out and everyone went home.


May 27, by Connor

Tests!!! Tests!!!! We had tests!!!!! Today we started the day with morning work. We did DOL. DOL means daily orally language. We did math for ten minutes. After that we went outside to the Don Dornan Games practice. I'm not in them, but I had fun anyway. When we came in we did fifteen minutes more of math. Then we had to go back out into the blazing hot sun!!! Then we came back in people were acting like they were going to die. Then we did our math packet.

After math we went jumped right into '' Language arts." We had to take a trimester test. We had to do thirty-six problems!!!!! When we went to lunch we ate and talked, and talked so much we had to stay in a little. After we finally got out we went to the top of the playground. Everyone ran to go join in with their friends. When we came in we read ''No Talking''. In the book, a boy tried not to talk all day but he doesn't manage.

After that we did our Open Court book. We did a little bit of acting!!!! Then we thought we were going outside but we had to clean up the room. After that we left . Beep!!!! Beep!!!!!!!! That's the bell! Well got to go!

May 22, 2008, by Isabella

Three and a half more weeks of school WOW! The year seamed to go by in a flash. Today we read "Pocahonts." Pocahonts was not her real name. Her real name is Mataoaka. Many people do not know much about Mataoaka's life as a child. A part of her life that we do know about is when she is near the thirteen colony's. The word Pocahontas means "the playful one." Mataoaka means "little snow feather." She died when she was 22! That is young!

We mostly we go to recess at 10:30 and lunch at 12:20. We read our class chapter book after lunch. Our class chapter book is called Patty Reeds Doll.The book is awesome! We finished it today. I loved that book because it had California history and it was exciting too. The book Patty Reeds Doll is about a girl, her family and two or three more families. It was a hard journey for their party because they did not have enough water in the desert and did not have enough food in the mountains. In the desert, they lose their oxen when the drivers tried to take them to the river. In the mountains they get stuck in their cabin because it is so cold. When a rescue team comes they scream with joy.

After we reviewed what we learned today, we did Don Dornan practice. Don Dornan is like track and field events for students. Then I got on the bus and went home.