May 27, by Connor

Tests!!! Tests!!!! We had tests!!!!! Today we started the day with morning work. We did DOL. DOL means daily orally language. We did math for ten minutes. After that we went outside to the Don Dornan Games practice. I'm not in them, but I had fun anyway. When we came in we did fifteen minutes more of math. Then we had to go back out into the blazing hot sun!!! Then we came back in people were acting like they were going to die. Then we did our math packet.

After math we went jumped right into '' Language arts." We had to take a trimester test. We had to do thirty-six problems!!!!! When we went to lunch we ate and talked, and talked so much we had to stay in a little. After we finally got out we went to the top of the playground. Everyone ran to go join in with their friends. When we came in we read ''No Talking''. In the book, a boy tried not to talk all day but he doesn't manage.

After that we did our Open Court book. We did a little bit of acting!!!! Then we thought we were going outside but we had to clean up the room. After that we left . Beep!!!! Beep!!!!!!!! That's the bell! Well got to go!


Lisa said...


What a great job on your blog. As always I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work. Don't forget all that you learned in 4TH grade over the summer!


christian r said...

Wow Conner, you can really type a blog. I hope the phipinnse read your blog! You have a short blog, but it has alot of main detials. Which is really great for a blog. And your attention getter! I like the way you said "We had to go out into the blazing sun". The No Taking book was great.

connor said...

Yo Christian nice.

Dad said...

Your Blog is very informative; I gained a great understanding of all that your class did during the day. I also liked the way you wrote it; your description was first rate. I am proud of all that you did during the school year and the great improvement that you showed in all your subjects.

Anonymous said...

super cool conner! From skye

connor (from virginia) said...

Hi Mr. Kootman!!!