June 2- by Cyphrus

Finally two more weeks of schoooool! We just started a new lesson on adding and subtracting fractions. When you add or subtract fractions you first have to add yourdenominator then you look at your numerator then you get your answer . After that we went out to recess and I played kick ball. When that was over we went inside and read "Going West" its about how people traveled to the west.

After reading, we had our second writing test for the trimester. The writing prompt was response to literature. We read a short story about three brothers who learned a lesson from their father. Afterwards we went to lunch. For lunch we had corndogs. When the fourth,fifth, and six graders were done all the kids went out to lunch recess. I played soccer with the fifth graders and made four goals. Hunter made five goals so did Devin D. Once recess was over we went to music; it was our last time in music, except for the people in band.

After music, we went back to class and we were making our own questions for a Jeopardy game that Mr. Kootman made. When that was over the class went out and played Kickball -basketball with Mrs.Moore. It was blazing hot outside and I was wearing a sweater. I did not know what the score was but I think it was a tie. When that was over, school got out and everyone went home.


skye said...

short!!! But super cool

Deisha said...

that was super cool but whrn you said"add yourdenomanator" one word was stuck together are you ever gonna write another one...Oh! sorry almost time for school to be over NOOOOOOO! Mr.kootman is so great...OH!again!sorry IM going overboard.I like the part when you were talking about when it was EXTREMLY hot well got to go DUDE BYE!
from your friend,