August 31, by Room 40

I can’t believe the first week of school is over. It went by so fast! We started the day by taking out our green homework folders. While the homework checkers looked at our homework, we began some review in our math book. Today’s math lesson was about graphs. We learned that we use graphs in many different ways, including how Mr. Kootman keeps track of how many people visit our website. We also learned that a pictograph uses pictures to represent a certain number of things. Right before recess, we received our writing folders. This is also where we will keep track of our grades.

After recess, we took our first spelling test of the year. About nine people got 100%! After that, we did handing off. During handing off, we answered questions to help us remember our story. It was cool to sit on top of our desks and throw a ball of paper too!

Then we went to lunch where we ate nachos or burritos. When lunch was over, we learned about nouns in our CLAS book. Concrete and abstract nouns were the focus for today. Next, we read School Story , where Natalie, the main character, learns how publishers choose which books to print.

Lastly, we continued our Daily Blog and then got to have a few minutes of PAT Time before HOT Time. Isn’t it cool that we have a three day weekend for Labor Day? Some people are upset that there will be no school on Monday, while others are thrilled.

End of the Year, by Seth

June 11, 2007

This is urgent and impossible!!!! This is the last 3 and a half days of school!!! ERROR!!! ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man!! I can’t believe it, this is the last 3 and a half days of school! I’m coming summer!!! Well, I’ll tell you about what happened today; we got fifteen drawings for making it over the red line in the marble jar!!!! We did a math Quick Review and a math Mixed Review to start things off.

Later after snack recess, we read a poem called Prophecy in Flame in Our Open Court Reading book. Then we reviewed the vocabulary words which are plodding, parched, sturdy, jolted, and sentries. Mr. Kootman gave us plenty of time to do our vocabulary logs (definitions, synonyms, pictures and parts of speech) and our clues chart and as I said on January 29th , which was my last blog. For my clues chart I traced my hand like a gorilla’s hand. We read a book after lunch that was a tall tale. John Henry was the title and it was given the Caldecott picture-book award! You know the story about the man who used two iron hammers to plow through a mountain and beat a machine to the center of the mountain? Oh well, I only had heard of that book when I was 5 anyways and just today.

We did some social studies in our social studies book. In social studies, we read about the entertainment companies in Hollywood and other places in California. Later we finished our cityscapes. One side of the picture is strait, and the other is curvy and twisted. This art project was supposed to show how different colors and lines change the viewers idea of the picture. To wrap our day up, we went out to P.E to play basketball and then went home.