Holiday Vacation!

Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone had/ is having a happy holiday and an enjoyable vacation. I thought it might be neat if we posted a few comments about what we are doing during our break. You can leave a comment the same way we usually do (respond to this post).

I'll start: I went back to New Jersey for a week and hung out with my family. We took the train into NYC (what does that stand for?) and saw a great show called "Blue Man Group." My brother even got to be in the show! Here is a very blurry photo of me and a "blue man." It was very dark and the camera wasn't working very well, but I'm the one without the blue face.


December 8, by Kenya

Today we found out we won the box tops prize! Our class raised the most box tops! In math, we did the chapter 11 math test. It was so hard that Mr.Kootman had to give one of the answers! After that we read Salt. Salt was about a boy finding Russian salt, putting it in the king’s food, and marrying a princess.

Next we did a quick write on Salt. We had recess, and when we came back we finished our test. Then we had lunch. For lunch we had cheese pizza. After that, we read The Landry News. The Landry News is what Mr.Kootman reads after lunch. It is about a girl making up a news paper.

In science, we learned about fossils and Mr.Kootman brought out some fossils and we used a magnifying glass so we can see it better. Then we played handball in the handball courts for P.E. Now you have experienced a super fantastic day in the life of room 40.


December 6, by Scott

Today, for the first time ever, we played handball for P.E.! The first thing we did today was a quick review in math. After that we took the chapter eleven math test. Half of the class thought it was hard and half the class thought it was easy. When that was over we read “Salt” for the second time in our open court book.

Then the class did a quick write on the story Salt. At 10:30 we went to recess. When we came in, Mr. Kootman gave us some time to get our work finished. When free time was over, we took notes about fossils in science. This took up a lot of our time.

We went to lunch at 12:20, after Science. For lunch we had a choice of cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza. Once lunch was over we had a fifteen minute recess. When we came in Mr. Kootman read the class a chapter of The Landry News. After The Landry News, we took more notes in Science. Finally, we had P.E. and then went home.

November 30, by Megan

Guess what! Some people made us have more homework today. I think that only the people who were talking should have the extra work. Also, green group is getting their social studies presentation ready! Today we did science before Math; usually we have Math first. In science we had an experiment. We did a paper on what the earth look like 100,000,000 ago did! Then Mr. Kootman went and surfed to Brain Pop. We learned that the earth has many layers. (The Crust, Mantle, and Core.)

Then we went to Math! Next in math we went on a new chapter. (11 Understand Multiplication) Afterwards we went to Yoga like usual did all the poses that Ms. Swanlund. But today we got in trouble because some people were talking during yoga.

When we got back we went in to reading mode! This time we had to read on a C D. The story is Business is Looking Up. Guess what; it was 14 pages long! Then we went to lunch. Afterwards it was time to be reading The Landry News chapter 14. After we read it, it was time for chapter 15 Ref Makes Tough Call! Oh yea, we had a game where some one had to pick up a piece of paper and the student who picked it up got the got a prize!


December 4, by Michaela

What was exciting today is more people turned in their homework then last week. When we got in the classroom we went into writing and we did synonyms. Then we did math. We did estimating products. A product is the answer to a multiplication problem. Next we went into reading. For reading we did our vocabulary book and our clues chart. A clues chart is to help you think what the story is about before you read it. I finished my vocab in a jiffy because I did it first before I did my clues chart .

When all of us were done, we went to lunch. They served chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. Afterwards, we came inside and read the Landry News. The chapter we were on is “Ref Makes Tough Call”. We had a fantastic day!!!


December 1, by Breeze

A lot of kids in room 40 had great grades on their spelling tests. We started the day by doing math. In math, we learned how to multiply by multiples of 10. After that we took an Open Court test. Then after a little bit we went to recess. Afterwards we took a spelling test.

30 minutes later we went to lunch. For lunch we had pizza. Then we went back to the class. But when we got in the class we had to go back to the black top because we had a fire drill. Finally, we came back and got ready to go to H.O.T. time and go home. And that was our magnificent day!!!!!


November 29, by Alondra

Today Mr.Kootman had a little sharp thing in his eyes and he started to drop tears. First we did our chapter10 math test. I thought it was easy for some people and hard for other people. Next we all read Business is Looking Up. After we read, we did our Flow chart. A flow chart helps people understand the story.

Next came recess where a lot of people played handball. When that was over, we shared our Flow charts. Once we finished, at 12:20, we went to lunch. And finally Mr.Kootman read The Landy News. And that was our enjoyable Wendsday.