April 19, 2008- by Jackson (from HOME)

(Written after surgery for removal of tonsils and adenoids)

Ice cream for breakfast! A perfect Saturday so far!

The day started having Gatorade and vanilla ice cream for breakfast. My brothers and I have to eat soft foods for about a week. That was great except for the fact that Tylenol with codeine followed. Tylenol with codeine is a
medicine with a horrible taste.

After breakfast my family watched TV for about a half an hour. There was something good on NFL Total Access HD. My brothers sometimes prefer Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Disney channel though. And they won. We watched Fairly Odd Parents.

My dad had to go to my soccer teams fundraiser. I wanted to go but unfortunately on Wed. I got my tonsils and adenoids taken out. My dad was sorry I couldn't go. My soccer team does lots of fundraisers.

Jell-O was for lunch. It was ok until I threw it up. My brothers have to eat the same foods for they had their tonsils and adenoids taken out to.

My dad came home after lunch and he said my team raised a lot of money. There were only three people there and they made about $500! I was surprised there were only three people. In fundraisers there is usually maybe five to fifteen parents. Good thing my dad went to help!

My dad told me to rest. I lay in bed for an hour or more. My family watched a movie without me. The movie was a new one that my dad bought.

When I woke up from my rest we watched the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. In the movie there are three chipmunks that have their tree taken away. When they end up in a city full of humans they go to a house with a man that wants them out. When the man hears the chipmunks singing outside his house he makes a deal with them. The deal was that if they sang for him (his job is to write songs) they could live with him. This was great until a man who wanted to be rich bribed them to work for him. They accepted this offer. After mistreatment from this man the chipmunks went back to their old "roommate".

After the movie we got ready for bed. And that was it for the day.


April 16, 2008- by Lauryn

Hi name is Lauryn and this morning we are learning about Perimeter and Area. It took the whole class until lunch to finish our math on Monday morning! Once we were done we read a story called Koko's Kitten. It's a story about a gorilla named Koko and she learns sign language and gets a cat named Ball. Ball is a gray tabby cat and he gets hit by a car and dies. Since that happened to Ball, that made Koko sad that she wouldn't see Ball ever again. So she gets another cat named Lipstick and it's a red and orange tiger cat.

After reading, we went to lunch and I had a sandwich with ham and mayo on it and some Doritos too. After that was over we went to lunch recess.

Then after the bell rang everyone was in a straight line and our Teacher, Mr. Kootman, walked us back inside the classroom. We then finished the story "Koko's Kitten." After, we went to the library and went to go look for some book's to buy at the book fair and there were book's like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock and other books too. Afterwards we went to the auditorium to go to an assembly. There were people from choir and they were singing classical and patriotic music. When that was over we went home.

April 15- by Curtis

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dodgeball time! I love dodgeball! The last time I played I was the last person playing. I was all by myself when we were playing team ball. In team ball, if you get hit and you're hurt you can go behind the opponent when you're done whining. Then you get to throw the ball at them and get people out. Well I was the last one and people were trying to get me out from both sides. Well the point is that I was in for a long time, like 30 minutes and that was cool!

Well we started the day with math. We always start the day with morning work so that's how I know its a normal day at school. First we started the day with DOL. That stands for Daily Oral Language. We also did two lessons in math. The lessons are 25.1 and 25.2. It was so easy! The name of the lessons were Lines, Rays, Angles. We learned points name an object or something in space. A line is a straight line with points going on and on in two directions and a line segment is a part of a line with two endpoints. A ray has a end point and at the other side it goes on and on and does not stop. A plane not a airplane! A plane goes out in all directions and does not stop. In the other lesson Line Relationships we learned that intersecting lines are lines that go in to each other, parallel lines stand next to each other and perpendicular lines form a cross at a 90 degree angle. We learned about right angles, acute angles and obtuse. A right angle is a a line straight down and straight across and forms a 90 degree angle, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees and finally an obtuse angle is larger than a right angle.

We can move on to yoga. Yoga is boring yet in third grade I thought it be fun but now i know its not. Its so boring and I wish we had PE in our yoga time. That would be so cool but that's not going to happen in a 1234567890 years in the future where there are robots and cool stuff but like I said its not happening in a 1234567890 years. No offense teachers! It's really boring with a capital B! Well I will tell you what we did after yoga... guess... math! We did a little review. After math we did a quick jog around the playground but I got new skateboarding shoes and they're really big. They fit really good but when I run they're like flip flops and they fall off. So when I was running I stumbled and they fell off 3 times. Everyone was in front of me but they're really good on my skateboard and have tons of grip, but I'm off topic so I'll get back on track. We were talking about the jog, yet when we came in there were tons of people behind me maybe like 15 people (just so you know we have 34 people in our class) so only a few people were in the classroom when we were done jogging. Our route that we took was up to the playground. There is a big hill up to the playground so we had to run up it to save time. There were little kid in first grade and kindergarten so our teacher told us to not run over the little kids but someone did. I'm not going to say any names because that's not nice at all so i didn't but the teacher wanted to know and someone, not me, told him the persons name. Some how I know this person did it because he or she always get in trouble.

After that we went to recess. I wear a hat so I'm getting chased all recess and that's my exercise for the day. I'm not going to tell the whole recess, but it would be cool. We had other things to do after recess. We read Breaking Into Print. It's about how people live before the printing press when they had no books and then the printing press was invented. Then they had tons and tons of books for the boys and girls in villagers. Then we had lunch because the story was long.

Then after lunch we read our class chapter book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. This chapter is about a kid named Fudge just had his birth day and he likes his new bed. His parents had put chairs so he doesn't fall off the bed. They put him in the bed but when he wakes he always ends up in the chair. Then we went home. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!


April 14, 2008- by Joey

A math test, nooo!!

Today we did a power point for math and we also learned more about lines. A line goes in both directions and has no end points, a ray is a line that starts at a point and does not stop. A point names a location on an object or in space. A right angle is a 90 degree angle. A plane is a flat surface of points with no end. A line segment is like a line that starts and stops at a point. We took the test and I got 19 out of 20. I did better than I thought I would.

Then we did a spelling pretest. After that we went to recess. I read my book, it is called Double Fudge. When we came in, we watched a Brain Pop movie about poetry.

Afterwards, we read KoKo's Kitten. It is about a gorilla that gets a kitten named Ball, but Ball gets hit by a car and dies. Koko was really sad and 10 minutes later she started crying. Then Koko gets a new kitten and named it "Lipstick".

We went to lunch and it was chicken or bean burrito. I had chicken.Then we went out to play. After, I read Double Fudge again. We went in and read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. It is about a boy named Peter who has a little brother named Farly Drexel (Fudge).

After that we learned about biological weathering and how caverns are formed. Lastly, we went home. The bus was a tornado! How did the bus driver drive? I think she had ear plugs.


April 11, 2008- by Katarina

Today, I saw a grown man running through a playground toy! Hi my name is Katarina and I'm going to tell you about our school day! In class we started with math. When we do multiples or similar problems, they are sometimes fun for me. For math today we did congruent and similar .We learn that about shapes that are congruent,similar,line segment,and line. On Monday we are having a test on geometry.

For reading, we read "The Printing Press." They talk about people that did not have books, paints and paper. When we did writing we wrote a T chart for our homework , you draw a T chart and write the after and before what happened. The class was tired, so we ran and Mr. Kootman was in the front and we were in the back of him. We first went through the big toy then to the spider web. After that we went to walk on the side and if we fall then we have to start over then we just go inside after that.Sometimes when we do our comprehension, we do a summary on storys and we write on paper or we could write it on the computer.

In science we learned about rocks and minerals that are different. After science we went outside and played dodge ball , dodge ball is when you have a ball and throw it at someone. If you hit them, they are out. If they catch it, then you are out and you have to run a lap and then you come back.

After lunch recess we read Judy Blume's Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing. The main character in the story is Fudge. After that we did comprehension and then we did spelling and vocab. For social studies we learned about geology and rocks. I can't wait for what we're going to do this Friday for P.E.!


April 3, 2008- by Nic

DIVISION MATH QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!oooohhhh nnooooooooo!!!! Wait... division, peace of cake! We've been doing that since third grade. Well to start out the day, we did review on yesterdays math lesson. Unfortunately, pink group went on the computer... Me... so I sat down with my friend Max and visited Russia... I know what your thinking, you think that I got on a plane and flew to Russia, nope, I got on Google maps and looked up Russia. Then I was called back to review the math the rest of class did. Then, we started our regular math lesson on graphing equations. Graphing equations is when you take an ordered pair from a table and plot it on a coordinate grid. A coordinate grid is practically a line graph but is used for different things. One of the ways is to find -or predict- where something was found or someone is going to go.

Then it was time for yoga. We marched down to the cafeteria like soldiers in war. We held are mats like guns hanging over our shoulder. "To the cafeteria " I said. When we got there we laid out yoga mats and sat down. The first exercise we did was to lay down, scrunch up our legs, and sway side to side. After yoga was done we went back to class the same way we got there. We sat down and resumed our lesson. The lesson took so long we barely got it done before recess.

At recess Max and I went to the hand ball courts. We found everyone and got in to it. Man did she get fussy. When I got hit by the ball she came up to. She kicked me so hard and I laughed so much that cried. Man I had fun! Then the bell rang. All of the kids raced to their line, it looked like a stampede racing through a gorge.

Then, when we got back to class, we did clauses. Clauses are sentences that have a part in the sentence where it cant be all own. For example, Connor is the new kid at schoolbecause his father got a new job . The clause is because his father got a new job. That cant be all alone so that is the clause. Then it was time to read our story for the week. The story is called 'We'll Be Right Back After These Messages'. It's about commercials and how they work. Then I looked at the clock, it was 12:15!!

Time to go to lunch, so we all lined up. I was buying lunch so I held the door. I only hold the door when I'm buying lunch so I can go to the front of the line. Today they were having turkey corn dogs. Yum! When I got my lunch I sat down with Max. We told jokes while we ate our lunch. Then we went outside. We went to the hand ball courts and this time we ended up playing instead of getting kicked, which is what I was hopping for. Then the bell rang, we went back to class and read our class book called Tale Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. In this chapter Fudge and Peter go to the park. Then Fudge jumps off the jungle gym thinking he is a bird. You know a 2 year old boy can't fly. When he fell his teeth fell out. Then for me, I went to band. I played a couple songs and went back to class and went home.


April 1, 2008- by Skye

Hey, it's April fools day; you should watch out for the .....PIE .....just kidding. At first, we did math and the green group got on the computer. In math we were learning about the length on a coordinate grid. A coordinate grid has an x and y axis. Most of the kids in class got it right away and others not so well. So we did a few problems on our white boards.

Next, we had yoga for about 30 min. We only do yoga on Tues. and Thurs. Also it was like a death match to get your mats (again). So the three 4th grade classes are split up so everyone wouldn't talk as much.

After that, we have.... snack recess! Some kids race to the snack tables, others to the black top or big toy, and one or two the library. Most wanted snack .... top ramen. Hand ball being the most wanted game to play (again).

Following snack recess, we went in a new unit (last week), but this week we are reading "We'll be Right Back After These Messages " by Shelagh Wallace. In this story, we're leaning about infomercials and displays. For you people who don't know what a infomercial or display is a infomercial is really just a extra - commercial. Also display is really just to show.

It's ......LUNCH TIME!!!!!!!! The school started a thing so we will be quiet. If your class as the most X's you win a pizza party!!! Because of two boys we lost. The 6th, 5th,and 4th grades in one room; this could get bad. At recess it was like a jungle.

After recess we watched two BrainPops. A BrainPop is a dot com that shows educational videos. We finished our class chapter book The Report Card. Then we did our spelling words. Some of are spelling words are Failure, nature, mixture,and introducion. Well it's some kids best time of the day....... time to leave!!!! Some to the bus, other to a car, and a lot to the sidewalk.


March 31, by Demar

NOOOO! Spring break is over!! We started the day out in math, we did input and output. We did ordered pairs which is used to plot points like a line graph. (x,y) that's what Mr. Kootman calls it. Input and output were easy for me and the class because we learned it at the beginning of the year. Once we finished with our morning work we took a math quiz on division; it was easy.

After that, Mr. Kootman told us to work on our math packet while he told a lady what to do for the day. I bet you could tell what was going on we were having a substitute. Once we finished our math packet the substitute introduced herself, her name was Mrs. Boyd. Mr.Kootman told us that he would be gone for the rest of the day. Once Mr.Kootman left the room Mrs.Boyd said that we were going to do our spelling pre-test.

After we finished, it was time for recess. At recess I played football with the fifth graders and I sprained my thumb. I sprained my thumb from the football. My friend Eric, threw the football to me and it hit my thumb instead of the palm of my hand. After recess we did our CLAS book, in our CLAS book we did fact and opinion. An example of a fact is that a touchdown in football is worth six points (plus an extra point). An example of an opinion in football is "The Cowboys will be the best NFL team this year." Once we finished, we read our Open Court book "We'll be Right Back After These Messages." The story is about commercials and how they can get you to buy their product.

After reading the story, it was time for lunch. For lunch we had a Bean and cheese burrito or Nacho cheese to choose out of; I chose the Nacho cheese. Me and James stuffed 8 jalapeno in our mouth.... you do not want to know what happened next. Our class didn't win for the quietest class chart. Once we got dismissed to go outside, I played football again, hoping I wouldn't hurt my thumb... again. But I just made it worse. Once we came back to the class we read our class chapter book The Report Card, the story is about a girl named Nora who is very smart but doesn't want to show it. But one day her friend Steven finds out that she is very smart and he persuades her to quit hiding it so she slowly shows her smartness day by day. While she shows her smartness she tries to correct the teacher which doesn't make her happy.

After, we did our vocabulary and clues chart for our story I told you about, "We'll Be Right Back After These Messages" we went out on the black top for P.E. At P.E we played Bombardment. Bombardment is played like this, there are two teams and both teams have 3 cones and 2 red balls the objective is knock down the other teams cones. My team won 2 times and the other team won one time. Lastly it was time to go home and every one got their backpack and wet left.


March 17, by Connor

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!!!!!!!!! We started the day with QR and MR. MR is mixed review and QR is quick review. Then we did our math lesson. I did not do really well. Our lesson was on comparing order decimals. Then we went to recess, I played soccer.

Then we went into L.A. We did our vocab and clues chart and one of the words was infrasonic. This is a sound that an ear can not hear but an animal can. Then the sub walked in. We had a sub because Mr. Kootman had a dentist look at his teeth. Then we did spelling. I only got two wrong. My table got called last for lunch.

At lunch we got to sit outside!!! At lunch recess I played football, then I played basketball. After lunch recess we read our class book. Have you ever read The Report Card??? In The Report Card the girl admits that she is smart. Then we did our spelling and vocab book.

Then we packed up and went to PE. We played kickball, it was kind of boring. Then we went home to do homework, but before we could we had to wait because we were loud. Then we left.