April 3, 2008- by Nic

DIVISION MATH QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!oooohhhh nnooooooooo!!!! Wait... division, peace of cake! We've been doing that since third grade. Well to start out the day, we did review on yesterdays math lesson. Unfortunately, pink group went on the computer... Me... so I sat down with my friend Max and visited Russia... I know what your thinking, you think that I got on a plane and flew to Russia, nope, I got on Google maps and looked up Russia. Then I was called back to review the math the rest of class did. Then, we started our regular math lesson on graphing equations. Graphing equations is when you take an ordered pair from a table and plot it on a coordinate grid. A coordinate grid is practically a line graph but is used for different things. One of the ways is to find -or predict- where something was found or someone is going to go.

Then it was time for yoga. We marched down to the cafeteria like soldiers in war. We held are mats like guns hanging over our shoulder. "To the cafeteria " I said. When we got there we laid out yoga mats and sat down. The first exercise we did was to lay down, scrunch up our legs, and sway side to side. After yoga was done we went back to class the same way we got there. We sat down and resumed our lesson. The lesson took so long we barely got it done before recess.

At recess Max and I went to the hand ball courts. We found everyone and got in to it. Man did she get fussy. When I got hit by the ball she came up to. She kicked me so hard and I laughed so much that cried. Man I had fun! Then the bell rang. All of the kids raced to their line, it looked like a stampede racing through a gorge.

Then, when we got back to class, we did clauses. Clauses are sentences that have a part in the sentence where it cant be all own. For example, Connor is the new kid at schoolbecause his father got a new job . The clause is because his father got a new job. That cant be all alone so that is the clause. Then it was time to read our story for the week. The story is called 'We'll Be Right Back After These Messages'. It's about commercials and how they work. Then I looked at the clock, it was 12:15!!

Time to go to lunch, so we all lined up. I was buying lunch so I held the door. I only hold the door when I'm buying lunch so I can go to the front of the line. Today they were having turkey corn dogs. Yum! When I got my lunch I sat down with Max. We told jokes while we ate our lunch. Then we went outside. We went to the hand ball courts and this time we ended up playing instead of getting kicked, which is what I was hopping for. Then the bell rang, we went back to class and read our class book called Tale Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. In this chapter Fudge and Peter go to the park. Then Fudge jumps off the jungle gym thinking he is a bird. You know a 2 year old boy can't fly. When he fell his teeth fell out. Then for me, I went to band. I played a couple songs and went back to class and went home.


D Kootman said...

You really took figurative language to the next level here! You had many similies, including the line looking like a bulls in a gorge and students carrying their yoga mats like soldiers.
It was also very helpful how you described exactly what we learned in math. I can tell you put a lot of thought in this work. You should be proud!
Mr. Kootman

connor#8 said...

Hey nic! really like the way you said we visted Russia.How was the weather up there? Keep typing.

connor#8 said...

Hey nic! I really like the way you said we visted Russia.How was the weather up there? Keep typing.

connor#8 said...

I made two coments.Sorry nic.

devin d. said...

NICE MEDAOFORS!!!! Nic,like when you said "We marched down to the cafatera" :):):)