April 11, 2008- by Katarina

Today, I saw a grown man running through a playground toy! Hi my name is Katarina and I'm going to tell you about our school day! In class we started with math. When we do multiples or similar problems, they are sometimes fun for me. For math today we did congruent and similar .We learn that about shapes that are congruent,similar,line segment,and line. On Monday we are having a test on geometry.

For reading, we read "The Printing Press." They talk about people that did not have books, paints and paper. When we did writing we wrote a T chart for our homework , you draw a T chart and write the after and before what happened. The class was tired, so we ran and Mr. Kootman was in the front and we were in the back of him. We first went through the big toy then to the spider web. After that we went to walk on the side and if we fall then we have to start over then we just go inside after that.Sometimes when we do our comprehension, we do a summary on storys and we write on paper or we could write it on the computer.

In science we learned about rocks and minerals that are different. After science we went outside and played dodge ball , dodge ball is when you have a ball and throw it at someone. If you hit them, they are out. If they catch it, then you are out and you have to run a lap and then you come back.

After lunch recess we read Judy Blume's Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing. The main character in the story is Fudge. After that we did comprehension and then we did spelling and vocab. For social studies we learned about geology and rocks. I can't wait for what we're going to do this Friday for P.E.!


deisha said...

wow that like the best and your so shy but in your blog it's like a shy person than bam! your open your mouthing and start talking on and and on.
Your friend,

connor said...

i like your blog.

christianfigueroa said...

your blog is amazing

Aileen said...

The Printing Press Was my favorite book when my class read. And even though I'm not in your class Your blog is really great, I really liked how you explained things. :]