March 31, by Demar

NOOOO! Spring break is over!! We started the day out in math, we did input and output. We did ordered pairs which is used to plot points like a line graph. (x,y) that's what Mr. Kootman calls it. Input and output were easy for me and the class because we learned it at the beginning of the year. Once we finished with our morning work we took a math quiz on division; it was easy.

After that, Mr. Kootman told us to work on our math packet while he told a lady what to do for the day. I bet you could tell what was going on we were having a substitute. Once we finished our math packet the substitute introduced herself, her name was Mrs. Boyd. Mr.Kootman told us that he would be gone for the rest of the day. Once Mr.Kootman left the room Mrs.Boyd said that we were going to do our spelling pre-test.

After we finished, it was time for recess. At recess I played football with the fifth graders and I sprained my thumb. I sprained my thumb from the football. My friend Eric, threw the football to me and it hit my thumb instead of the palm of my hand. After recess we did our CLAS book, in our CLAS book we did fact and opinion. An example of a fact is that a touchdown in football is worth six points (plus an extra point). An example of an opinion in football is "The Cowboys will be the best NFL team this year." Once we finished, we read our Open Court book "We'll be Right Back After These Messages." The story is about commercials and how they can get you to buy their product.

After reading the story, it was time for lunch. For lunch we had a Bean and cheese burrito or Nacho cheese to choose out of; I chose the Nacho cheese. Me and James stuffed 8 jalapeno in our mouth.... you do not want to know what happened next. Our class didn't win for the quietest class chart. Once we got dismissed to go outside, I played football again, hoping I wouldn't hurt my thumb... again. But I just made it worse. Once we came back to the class we read our class chapter book The Report Card, the story is about a girl named Nora who is very smart but doesn't want to show it. But one day her friend Steven finds out that she is very smart and he persuades her to quit hiding it so she slowly shows her smartness day by day. While she shows her smartness she tries to correct the teacher which doesn't make her happy.

After, we did our vocabulary and clues chart for our story I told you about, "We'll Be Right Back After These Messages" we went out on the black top for P.E. At P.E we played Bombardment. Bombardment is played like this, there are two teams and both teams have 3 cones and 2 red balls the objective is knock down the other teams cones. My team won 2 times and the other team won one time. Lastly it was time to go home and every one got their backpack and wet left.


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GySgt Shannon said...

This is really great work Demar. I am very proud of you and your work at school. Demar you are a very gifted person in sports and school, keep up the good work. everyday I see you I smile with joy to have you as a son. You are my best friend for ever and ever.

Mom:) said...

Demar that was another great blog! You are learning so much and I'm so proud of you! I had a fun time visiting your classroom at open house tonight. Your class is awesome and I think you all do some really great work. Keep it up Mr. Kootman's class!:)

D Kootman said...

Great job explaining the concepts you learned. You made me laugh when you mentioned the jalepeno incident. Also, nice example of opinion regarding the Cowboys. I bet you wish it was fact :)

a kid in america said...

I liked your attention getter.