April 16, 2008- by Lauryn

Hi name is Lauryn and this morning we are learning about Perimeter and Area. It took the whole class until lunch to finish our math on Monday morning! Once we were done we read a story called Koko's Kitten. It's a story about a gorilla named Koko and she learns sign language and gets a cat named Ball. Ball is a gray tabby cat and he gets hit by a car and dies. Since that happened to Ball, that made Koko sad that she wouldn't see Ball ever again. So she gets another cat named Lipstick and it's a red and orange tiger cat.

After reading, we went to lunch and I had a sandwich with ham and mayo on it and some Doritos too. After that was over we went to lunch recess.

Then after the bell rang everyone was in a straight line and our Teacher, Mr. Kootman, walked us back inside the classroom. We then finished the story "Koko's Kitten." After, we went to the library and went to go look for some book's to buy at the book fair and there were book's like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock and other books too. Afterwards we went to the auditorium to go to an assembly. There were people from choir and they were singing classical and patriotic music. When that was over we went home.


Mattison said...

Wow lauryn,i love your blog how you told aboutwhat we learned,and what we did.I liked the Assembly did you?

jackson z. said...

Great job on describing the story. Was the assembly good or bad? Was there a lot of books at the book fair?