April 15- by Curtis

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dodgeball time! I love dodgeball! The last time I played I was the last person playing. I was all by myself when we were playing team ball. In team ball, if you get hit and you're hurt you can go behind the opponent when you're done whining. Then you get to throw the ball at them and get people out. Well I was the last one and people were trying to get me out from both sides. Well the point is that I was in for a long time, like 30 minutes and that was cool!

Well we started the day with math. We always start the day with morning work so that's how I know its a normal day at school. First we started the day with DOL. That stands for Daily Oral Language. We also did two lessons in math. The lessons are 25.1 and 25.2. It was so easy! The name of the lessons were Lines, Rays, Angles. We learned points name an object or something in space. A line is a straight line with points going on and on in two directions and a line segment is a part of a line with two endpoints. A ray has a end point and at the other side it goes on and on and does not stop. A plane not a airplane! A plane goes out in all directions and does not stop. In the other lesson Line Relationships we learned that intersecting lines are lines that go in to each other, parallel lines stand next to each other and perpendicular lines form a cross at a 90 degree angle. We learned about right angles, acute angles and obtuse. A right angle is a a line straight down and straight across and forms a 90 degree angle, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees and finally an obtuse angle is larger than a right angle.

We can move on to yoga. Yoga is boring yet in third grade I thought it be fun but now i know its not. Its so boring and I wish we had PE in our yoga time. That would be so cool but that's not going to happen in a 1234567890 years in the future where there are robots and cool stuff but like I said its not happening in a 1234567890 years. No offense teachers! It's really boring with a capital B! Well I will tell you what we did after yoga... guess... math! We did a little review. After math we did a quick jog around the playground but I got new skateboarding shoes and they're really big. They fit really good but when I run they're like flip flops and they fall off. So when I was running I stumbled and they fell off 3 times. Everyone was in front of me but they're really good on my skateboard and have tons of grip, but I'm off topic so I'll get back on track. We were talking about the jog, yet when we came in there were tons of people behind me maybe like 15 people (just so you know we have 34 people in our class) so only a few people were in the classroom when we were done jogging. Our route that we took was up to the playground. There is a big hill up to the playground so we had to run up it to save time. There were little kid in first grade and kindergarten so our teacher told us to not run over the little kids but someone did. I'm not going to say any names because that's not nice at all so i didn't but the teacher wanted to know and someone, not me, told him the persons name. Some how I know this person did it because he or she always get in trouble.

After that we went to recess. I wear a hat so I'm getting chased all recess and that's my exercise for the day. I'm not going to tell the whole recess, but it would be cool. We had other things to do after recess. We read Breaking Into Print. It's about how people live before the printing press when they had no books and then the printing press was invented. Then they had tons and tons of books for the boys and girls in villagers. Then we had lunch because the story was long.

Then after lunch we read our class chapter book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. This chapter is about a kid named Fudge just had his birth day and he likes his new bed. His parents had put chairs so he doesn't fall off the bed. They put him in the bed but when he wakes he always ends up in the chair. Then we went home. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!


D Kootman said...

Hey Curtis,
Your posting was very descriptive. You used a great, unique voice and I could tell you put a lot of yourself into the writing. Overall nice sense of humor and super details!

jackson z. said...

Awesome blog! I liked how you were a bit funny! Dodge ball can take forever!

Anonymous said...


I like the way you are so detailed and seem to know alot about what happened that day, from your math lessons to the books you are reading. I really thought the part about your shoes being too big for you paragraph was great as well. That was too funny. LOL LOL Good job!! TWO THUMBS UP IN MY BOOK! I look forward to reading your next blog. :)

Christian R said...

Wow, Curtis you can really type a blog.

sami said...

Hey Curtis!Great blog! It took me a second before I read it but I'm glad I got the chance to read at all. I think there is a very little chance that your blog could grab some improvment and fit it in your case.You know you should write at home and ether keep it somewhere safe or write a book and try your chancecs at getting it published!Thats what I'm doing!

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