April 14, 2008- by Joey

A math test, nooo!!

Today we did a power point for math and we also learned more about lines. A line goes in both directions and has no end points, a ray is a line that starts at a point and does not stop. A point names a location on an object or in space. A right angle is a 90 degree angle. A plane is a flat surface of points with no end. A line segment is like a line that starts and stops at a point. We took the test and I got 19 out of 20. I did better than I thought I would.

Then we did a spelling pretest. After that we went to recess. I read my book, it is called Double Fudge. When we came in, we watched a Brain Pop movie about poetry.

Afterwards, we read KoKo's Kitten. It is about a gorilla that gets a kitten named Ball, but Ball gets hit by a car and dies. Koko was really sad and 10 minutes later she started crying. Then Koko gets a new kitten and named it "Lipstick".

We went to lunch and it was chicken or bean burrito. I had chicken.Then we went out to play. After, I read Double Fudge again. We went in and read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. It is about a boy named Peter who has a little brother named Farly Drexel (Fudge).

After that we learned about biological weathering and how caverns are formed. Lastly, we went home. The bus was a tornado! How did the bus driver drive? I think she had ear plugs.

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