January 23, by Holly

Hello! Our day started when Mr.Kootman told the class about our new helper!! Her name is Miss Metcalfe, she is really nice and helps people really well. After Mr. Kootman introduced Miss Metcalfe to the class we told her our names and we told her our favorite thing about fourth grade. Most people said stuff about math. I said "I like going to the library the best." But that's just what I think.

OK! I'm back to Earth now so I can tell you the rest about the classes day!!!!!! After the class did our morning work we did some work in our math packet and we did prime and composite numbers ( lesson 16.3) and we had to write prime or composite for each number. And a prime number is a number that has two factors which is the number one and the number itself.

After all that work we went to recess and ate our snacks. Then we read our story in our Open Court Reading Book and it is named "The New Doctor",oh and guess what!! Its is 22 pages long!!! That's really long to read huh? It doesn't really matter because the class loves to read, well I guess most of the class!!

Then It was time for lunch and we weren't done with the story so when we got back from lunch we read the rest. Mr.Kootman didn't read it, we partner read out side, then Mr.Kootman told us to come back inside and read by ourselves! After the class was done with that, we read our new class chapter book named The Good Dog. At first it was kind of weird to me because the dog's master calls the dog a human pup.Then Mr.Kootman told us the book said human pup because the dogs master loves the dog so much that the dog is just like a human to him. After reading our chapter book, we went to the library and everyone got the book they were looking for except me. Oh well you don't have to worry about me!! It doesn't matter that I didn't get the book that I wanted, it matters that other people got the book that they wanted.

After library we did our last thing of the day, Social Studies!! For Social Studies we were learning about the Indians and there was questions like how they are different from us, like all the stuff that we have that makes life easier for us. I guess some stuff makes life easier for them too! If they didn't have anything for building things they would just have to sleep outside where it's freezing and cold outside!!! OK, thats what we did for Social Studies and then we all went home,I know, I know you don't whant me to leave but I gotta go home, do my home,get ready for bed,maby go on the computer for a little bitt then....OK you don't need to know what I do at hame you need to know what WE do in class!!!


January 22 II, by Cyphrus

HELP! HELP! we got locked out of out of the classroom today. First, the class and I did social studies on explorers that sailed across the ocean to get new places. Then we did math on multiples. A multiple is a product of a given number and another whole number. Then we were late for yoga and only had 15 minutes of yoga! When yoga was finished we went back to the class room and finished the math that we did not finish.

Once we finished the math we went to recess when recess was finally over we read "The New Doctor" its about a new doctor that works at the village and she has a clinic that needs to learn more about Spanish and Spanish culture. Manuelita goes to the maintains to get herbs. Lupe's cousin Josefa is going to have a baby but first Josefa wanted Manuelita to come. Dr. Johnson learned from Manuelita, the healer.

Afterwards we went to lunch. For lunch we had shrimp and cheese quesadillas. When lunch and lunch recess was over, the whole class did a Reading test on The New Doctor. My score was 10 or 11 out of 13. When we finished we did a spelling test; my score was twenty out of twenty. I got my 20 out of 20 because my mom and I did a spelling test before the day the test was due. Once we finished we watched Bull Whip Griffin, which was based on the chapter book we read, By the Great Horn Spoon. Once that was over we went home.

January 22, by Christian R.

Help!Help! We got locked out of the classroom! Help we need Help! We had to stand outside for a while because someone jammed plastic into the lock.
First,we did Social Studies on explorers that sailed across the ocean to get to a new world. We did a photo story to help other students understand the concept. A photo story is almost like an art project on the computer,but it is digital. You can download pictures from a website and then we take the photo and save the picture. Then it was time for the next person to do their photo. Every table did their own photo and then recorded their voice to say what it was about.

Then, in math, we did Factors and Multiples. We made arrays on a graph sheet of paper. It was easy for me to do. Then, we did factors in our math book. It was a piece of cake !!!!!! It was very simple once you get used to it. When that was over we read "The New Doctor." It was a great story. But, that is my opinion.

At yoga we did our normal exercises. It takes about 30 minutes to start and to finish. There are 3 classes that do yoga. The yoga teachers, names are Mrs. Swanland, Mr. Kootman, and Mrs.Polyascko. The teachers are very wonderful. Especially, Mr. Kootman; he is my favorite teacher. He is also my first male teacher.

At the end of the day, we read THE GOOD DOG. It is a great story but, we only read it at the end of the day. We have to wait to read the story. Then at the end of the day we have P.E. We don't get a choice to do PE; we have to participate in it. It is our PE grade! The boys like to play WarBall!!!!!! It is my favorite PE game too!!! After that we got our stuff and went home!!

January 10, 2008- by Nic

Man, that smell is still there! It's the heater! It smells worse than a couple dozen skunks! Something must be wrong with it.

Well to start out the day we did metaphors and similes.They're really fun and easy. After, we shared our metaphors and similes with our classmates. Soon it was time for yoga. In yoga we do proper exercises that help stretch our body and it helps clear our minds. After, we did math review with multiplying a four digit number by a two digit number. After, we did our math packet for a little bit. Then it was time for recess. I went to the big toy to hang out with my friend Max. Then the bell rang; it was time to go back to class.

When we got back we finished our math packet an started another subject, language arts. We CD read ''The Bridge Dancers'' and started a water color background for an art project we are doing about the story we are reading. Then we went to lunch. I ate lunch I brought from my house and sat with Max in the lunch room. Then I went outside to the big toy to hang out again. Next, it was time to go back to class. We worked on the water color painting. When that was done we read By The Great Horn Spoon. In this chapter Jack went out hunting with his new squirl gun and came across a bear. He backed up and fell right in to a hole where he got trapped. But a man pulled him out. He was a retired highwayman he had Cut Eye Higgins coat! Jack headed back to camp to eat.

When that was done, we did science review on adaptations for the ocean, the Arctic, and the forest. Lastly, we went to P.E. and played hand ball It was really fun. People serve the ball, then the next person in line rushes up and hits the ball, then the next person does that too. Then the bell rang, we went to the class room to get our stuff and go home.

A Day in Early January- by James

Hey people see if you could solve 180 times 56; round it. Today we did multiply by two digit numbers. It was hard. Then we went to yoga .We had to do all exercises. When we came back we read "The Bridge Dancers." The story was about two sisters trying to chop fire wood. But one tries to get the axe and gets cut deeply in her leg. After, we did our CLAS book. In our CLAS book we did metaphors and similes.Then we went to recess and I played football. When we came in we did our math packets. Our math paket is review of what we learned. Then we did our reading test on "The Bridge Dancers."

A reading test is where you answer the questions about the story. After that we did our spelling test. I got 20 out of 20. After that we did a project until lunch. The project was a water color tear art.

When we came in from lunch we read our class chapter book, By The Great Horn Spoon. The story was about a kid named Jack and a butler named Praisworthy trying to get in the gold rush.Then we did our spelling and vocab books. In our books we did the /c/ and /s/ sound.Then we had HOT time. HOT time is where you get to go outside and play any game you want, but only if you finish your work. We played close game of football and it was 23 to 22.


January 8, 2008- by Christian L.

We started the day today with the heater on and it was mad and making grumbling noices that smelled like fire. In math, we did a multiplication game. Nic won all our points and I only got one point for doing one multiplication problem. After that we did our math quiz and it took us 20 mintutes to do it and some people got sent outside because they were not done in time.

In Open Court reading we read the Bridge Dancers and one young girl got cut by an axe. When we lined up for yoga we were too noisy and we were late. After lunch we read our class chapter book it was about when Praisworthy punched a highwayman with the gold on his fingers. After that, we did P.E. We played handball and we only had eight minutes to play. Then we went home and did HOMEWORK!