A Day in Early January- by James

Hey people see if you could solve 180 times 56; round it. Today we did multiply by two digit numbers. It was hard. Then we went to yoga .We had to do all exercises. When we came back we read "The Bridge Dancers." The story was about two sisters trying to chop fire wood. But one tries to get the axe and gets cut deeply in her leg. After, we did our CLAS book. In our CLAS book we did metaphors and similes.Then we went to recess and I played football. When we came in we did our math packets. Our math paket is review of what we learned. Then we did our reading test on "The Bridge Dancers."

A reading test is where you answer the questions about the story. After that we did our spelling test. I got 20 out of 20. After that we did a project until lunch. The project was a water color tear art.

When we came in from lunch we read our class chapter book, By The Great Horn Spoon. The story was about a kid named Jack and a butler named Praisworthy trying to get in the gold rush.Then we did our spelling and vocab books. In our books we did the /c/ and /s/ sound.Then we had HOT time. HOT time is where you get to go outside and play any game you want, but only if you finish your work. We played close game of football and it was 23 to 22.


Christopher said...

It's your brother Christopher, just dropping by to say hi and remember:

I am always watching you
good job on your blog

Seshu said...

Hi James!

You gave me a pretty good look at your school day. What's your favorite part of the day? If I went to your class/school, my favorite part would be yoga and read aloud.

Leela and Krishna said "Hi!"

Happy Learning!


The DeLunas said...

Hi James,
These are the DeLunas saying hi from the Philippines!!!! What a busy day you have at school!!! It looks like you are learning a lot but also having some fun. Keep up the good work!!!!
The DeLunas(Mark,Jessica,Jennifer,Christian and Gabriella)

mamimo said...

Hello James, a word from aunt Monique from Qu├ębec. What a schedule at your school! Never thought you could do so many things in a day. Keep up the good work. Congratulations for your 20/20. I saw on TV you had your share of snow in California but presume none in your neighborhood.

Allison said...

Hi there, James!

What a nice surprise to get to read all about your day at school! Congratulations on your perfect score spelling test--I'm so proud of you!

As a newspaper editor, I learned to always use the computer spell-check for everything I write whenever possible. I just never know when one mis-spelled word may slip through some tired, bleary eyes, during a rush to meet a print deadline.

(For fun, in sharing one of my own occupational hazards here, can you find the one word I found mis-spelled in your blog? Getting to spot the tiniest typos for one another can be a really fun game! :)

Most importantly, have fun with all your learning. Keep up the good work and study as much as you can, while still in school. All you are able to learn now can only help pave an easier path to all of your future goals in life. And when it's done right the first time, you'll be able to get out for some "Hot time" just that much sooner!

Ha, ha! What a good deal!

Love, Allison (One of your Mom's college roommates, in chilly Connecticut. :)

Monet said...

Hi James! It's auntie Monet from Lakeside. I am very impressed with your blog. You did a great job. Man, you really have a full day at school. No wonder you're starving when you get home! I'd have Jamie & Melanie read your blog too. Take care.

Monet, Jamie & Melanie

Peaches said...

Hello James,
What a busy schedule you have at school. We are very proud of you,keep up the good work.
Love Uncle Wayne & Aunt Sally

Anonymous said...

James: We are so proud of you and love that you have the opportunity to do yoga and get outside. You're school sounds great. Keep up the great work! Love, Susan, Tom, Alyssa, Andrew & Jeter

Anonymous said...

Hi James! Great job on your blog. It sounds like you do a lot of great things in school. I think it is really cool that your class does blogs about your day! I wish the kids here did stuff like that. It has been a really long time since we saw you and we hope to get there soon.

Take care my friend,
Kim and Steven Hennion

Megan said...

Hey James!!! The way you wrote your blog made me feel like I was there[oh yeah, I was there, duuuuh!!!].Sheesh!! My eye's are so dreered out that I can hardly keep them open anymore because your blog was sooo long. I noticed that you put so much voice into your blog.When I wrote my blog, well when I wasn't tired, I felt like I wanted to be a school paper writer until after I was done I was dead tired!!!

Charlotte said...

Wow! That was a super great BLOG!

Angie Hall said...

Hey, James! Remember Billy, Angie, Kayla, and Malcolm from Valencia? We moved to Atlanta, so of course, we haven't seen you or your family in a while. Great blog, Dude! Kayla is working on similies and metaphors at school, also? Listen, Billy is going to the All Star Game in New Orleans soon. Want anything from the game? We'll send it to you. Your friends, Billy and Angie Hall

demar said...

GREAT job James!!! your atteion GETTER realy got me I want you to do another!!!

jackson z. said...

I liked how you explained every thing really well. That was a really close game!

devin pontigon said...

I like your picture with the people playing football. I like your attention getter James. I like how you used detials in your blog.

devin pontigon said...

I like your picture with the people playing football. I like your attention getter James. I like how you used detials in your blog.

christianf. said...

I like how your picture shows people are playing football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!