October 17, 2007, by Kianna

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Hey six graders, come closer, closer ,closer ok, stop. I bet you can't do this problem: 100-2+5-1=y. Now six graders, do that problem. Tick, tock, tick, tock, you people are slow. My fourth grade class is faster then you guys. In the meantime, I will be typing my student blog.

Today we started QR, MR. QR stands for Quick Review. Quick Review means the stuff we already know...but Mr Kootman would like us to remember the math. MR stands for Mixed Review. Mixed Review is almost like quick review but it has more problems than quick review,because quick review has five questions more than mixed review. Today's lesson is Analyze Graph and Data. Analyze Graph and Data is like two things 1. it's like a bar graph.'s also like connect the dots, when you use a line graph.

When that was over, we finished our story board. A story board is an organizer the helps you understand social studies or whatever project you will be creating. My table (table six) is doing urban & rural. An urban area is a city. And a rural area is communities that usually have lots of open land & low population density. Each table in my class got to do a different term. One table did compass rose, so we combined it all together and put it on Photo Story three. Photo Story three is when you put anything together and turn it in like a movie. You get to create your own music, & a whole lot of stuff.

Once that was done, we did reading. The book we read was Starting A Business. Starting a Business discusses supplies or a list to start a business. Today, we are taking a test on the story. The questions are mainly going to ask you what you did to start a business, and so on.

Afterwards, we did CLAS (it's not spelled class) this CLAS stands for Comprehension and Language Arts Skills. Today's lesson is Sentence Combining. Sentence combining means when you have 2 sentence, and you try to put the together. Sometimes, when we do CLAS, our topic depends on what lesson we are doing, like Sentence Combining. We did sentence combining because it's in our homework packet.

Yesterday we did yoga. Only 4th graders do yoga. The reason why we do yoga is to relax our brains & and our body. At 9:30 we leave to go to yoga. Mrs. Swanland is the main teacher that does it. My teacher(Mr.Kootman) does yoga sometimes. The thing that Mr. Kootman is really good at is push-ups. He might be the fastest push-up champion in the whole school. At least I think so. I bet you a lot of people would like to see Mr.Kootman do a one hand push-up.

Finally,the worst thing happened to Mr.Kootman. When everybody came in, he lost his voice. So we had to get very quite to earn marbles and to help Mr. Kootman. The marbles are for H.O.T. HOT stands for Homework On Time. If we get over the red line then we get H.O.T. time. If we don't get over the red line then we have to do more work. I hoped you enjoyed reading my student blog. I won't forget the math problem six graders!


October 9, 2007- by Devin D.

The class started a wonderful day on page 81 in our math book. On page 81, Mr.Kootman had to remember tables in our math book. Mr.Kootman's class did some whiteboard showups (this is where we write the answer on our whitebords),to find the correct answer. Sometimes, we write the problem too like: 24+(72-9)=87.

When Mr.Kootman's class was in yoga all of the kids (exept Mr.Kootman 's class) were loud. Most kids did not like putting their legs up in the air, with only their elbow's touching the ground. Mr.Kootman's class was in a strait line from yoga back to the classroom.

When Mr.Kootman's class got to reading, it was our first time reading "Daedalus and Icarus". The story "Deadalus and Icarus" is about two prisoners who work for King Minos the king of Crete. "Deadalus and Icarus" live in the tallest part of the palace, with splendid view's across the island of Crete. Deadalus did not like being prisoners to King Minos so he made his greatest invention of all. Deadalus finally finished, after one YEAR, making wings to escape and go to their home land. Icarus died by not listening to Deadalus's words. These were the words Deadalus said "Don't fly to close to the sun."

In writing, Devin Diaz did a class blog for the class. Devin D. class blog is for what Mr.Kootman's class did on October 9,2007.You have to get it done at least in one week. If you don't Mr.Kootman well publish it early (no efens Mr.Kootman).

So, the day went on wonderfully, and pretty smooth. Mr.Kootman did the drawing's of the day with Popsicle's sticks. The kids got their prizes and put it in their backpack. I didn't win anything.

Finally, Mr.Kootman's class left in a hurry to catch their bus.

September 27, by room 40

Do you know how to subtract across zeros? Today we had a quiz on subtracting across zeros. Mr. Kootman felt that the class needed extra practice with this concept. People sometimes have difficulty regrouping and crossing out other numbers. It is easiest when you take it one step at a time!
For our new math lesson, we reviewed fact families and learned about how to use parentheses in expressions. When we see parentheses, we always do them first!
When it was language arts time, we read Mae Jemison- Space Scientist for the second time. Mae was famous because she was the first African American women to go into space. After reading the story, we did our first quick write.
We were all very excited because Megan wrote our second student blog! Our blogs have received so many comments so far, including comments from Guam and The Philippines.
After lunch, we read about how Zoe’s dad helped the girls negotiate contracts in The School Story. Then we went to the library, where we all got some great books for our daily reading logs.
Lastly, we took a social studies quiz on the different regions of California. The four regions of California are the valley, the coast, the desert and the mountains.

September 25, by Curtis

Danger!!! Danger!!! Beep!!! Earthquake!!! Just kidding it was cramped under our desk for our earthquake drill. It all started in the monring when it started from the intercom. It was the principle saying for every kid to get in their class for an earthquake drill and get under their desks. We waited and waited and then the siren came and it went beep!!! We hid under our desks and it hurt really badly.

We did a weird math test which took about five minutes. After that we started our Open Court reading about Mae Jamison the famous astronaut . She trained to go in space and I think it took her five years. No one believed her to be a scientist but she still followed her dream and did not care what people said. She had to go through tons of training. And she was 26 when she was a doctor. then Then we got our yoga mats and we went to the cafeteria to do yoga. It is really fun when we do yoga; well some times not all the time. All we're doing is stretching for 30 minutes and then we went to the first recces. After recess, we did vocab and the vocab was about Mae Jemison. One of the words was astrounat and then we did a computer activity where we were playing with the Smart Board. A Smart Board is a board that is hooked up to the cumputer so you can use your finger to draw.

After that, we went to lunch. When lunch was over, we went to class and we read School Story where Natalie finally got her book publised. After that we did social studies then we went to play steal the bacon!!! It is where the marker is in the middle there is what 18 players on each side and the teacher calls out 2 or 4 or what every and some one gets it and they run back to their team and the day was over. Thank you for reading.