November 28, by Angel

If you are in Mr. Kootman’s class and brought your homework in you got a Life Saver. I loved it because I got grape flavor. First, the class did math in our hard cover book. In math, our lesson was called write an equation. Right after that, we got our mats and went to yoga. In of all of the three classes one person didn’t bring a mat. Then we went to recess finally.

After recess, we read Business is Looking Up in our purple book.
Soon after, we did a quick write and three people got one hundred seventy words in eight minutes. Mr. Kootman went on and Seth went on the same thing. It was so cool that what ever Seth did on the small computers … Time’s Up; sorry I did not finish!!!


November 27, by Eric

Did you know we did not have recess today?! First, we did math- multiplying by ones. It was pretty easy because it was review. After that, our times test came. I got a 98% on my times test. Next, we breezed through the story that we read; it was called “Business is Looking Up”. There was a blind boy in the story; he had a cane and a stylus to write with. He was at the store with his sister and started a card business.

After lunch, the whole class had to do a boring science test on weathering and erosion. I hope everybody got an A. Finally, we read the Laundry News. Kara is not even in this chapter. What happened in this chapter was Dr.Barnes got upset and tried to get proof Mr. Larson doesn’t teach. Lastly, went out to P.E where we played Frisbee.


November 16, by Josh

If you want to know what’s happening today, you are on the right blog. Today in the morning, our morning work was analogies and correcting two sentences. After that we did math, multiply three digit numbers. Then after recess every body did a three paragraph essay about how our life changed.

We went to lunch at twelve twenty and directly after lunch there was a fire drill. We also read The Landry News outside while we were waiting to go back into the classroom. When we went inside we did a turkey personification lesson. In this lesson we learned what personification was and what it meant. Personification is giving human qualities too nonhuman things. This lesson was the last thing we did today.


November 15, by Sparrow

Today, some students said that their brain was hurting! During math time we learned about modeling multiplication. It’s when you can make a model to find a product. After that, we read Food from the `Hood a Garden of Hope the second time. A while after that we took our test and went out to recess feeling free.

After recess, Mr. Kootman read us a book called Sea Clocks. It was about when sailors learned about longitude. Next, the class finished up their tests and we did a tree map. The tree map was about Food from the `Hood. When we finished, everyone went out to eat lunch and to play at recess.

After lunch, as usual, we read The Landry News chapter 8, Volunteers Line Up for Danger! Before we went out to P.E today the whole class did another tree map to organize our personal narrative. Then, we finally went out to P.E to run the track.


November 14, by Will

We had a really great day, you should read this! We started the day with math, as usual. Today we estimated and then multiplied. It took the class a while, then the whole class figured it out. Next, we took our big purple books and read Food From the ‘Hood, A Garden of Hope. After that, we wrote our spelling words as a class. This week, we are studying words with the /ar/ sound.

When we got back from lunch, we read The Landry News. After that, we took our science books out and did a summary on erosion. Then we went to library and a lot of students checked out really great books. We truly had a great day thanks to the class of room 40.

November 13, by Michael C.


I was just kidding about that. If you were this class you would probably be very exhausted. We did twenty five tiring math problems this morning. (They were really hard). Next, we took out our practice page, 10.1 like we do everyday ,This one was about multiplication patterns.

When we finished math, our class wrote six definitions but, someone made our teacher add another vocabulary definition because he/she was talking when our teacher said not to.

Following lunch, Mr.Kootman read us the book, The Landry News. We go through chapters like its nothing because the book is so interesting. In the Landry News, Kara sweats for the first time in gym. Kara is mad because nobody likes her.
Afterwards we had a social studies test that nobody wanted to do. I hope everybody gets either an A+ or a B so our teacher will be glad. During social studies we took out our science book and took notes on landforms. Today was probably the longest day ever!

“Yes, I do know the initials for Kentucky.”


November 7, by Jannely

Today was very hot for all the fourth graders because we did yoga on the blacktop where it was blazing hot and where we practically burned in the sun! Since the kindergartners were using the M.P.R (multi purpose room) we had to do yoga on the blacktop. During math time we learned a new lesson and it was called Working Backwards. It was about working with variables when you already have the answer. After that, we did a multiplication test and WOW a lot of people did very good job! Then we went on to Language Arts.

For Language Arts, based on the subject for Starting a Business, we read Elias Sifuentes Restaurateur. At 2:00 we didn’t read The Landry News, but we did go to the library. When Mrs. Lowell told us the story of The White Table everyone almost cried, it was a very sad story. The story was about the Vietnam War and about Veterans Day. We hope that every body has a good Veterans week.


November 5, by Isaiah

If you don’t want to read this get off this website. Where should I start? That’s right, during math time we used tables with variables and a lot of multiplication.
Afterwards we read a good rhyme called Lemon-aid Stand. Next we made a clues chart on Elias Sifuentes- Restaurateur.

My favorite part of the day is CLAS (comprehension and language arts skills). Following was our wonderful lunch. We had the choice between chicken nuggets or a hot dog! Around 2:00 we came in and read the Landry News. Then we did science on gravity, weathering, erosion, and wind. Finally we played kick ball for PE and went home.


October 30 by Austin

Today, the phone kept on ringing whenever Mr.Kootman tried to talk. Then every one laughed when the phone rang. Guess what we learned for today. In math, we had practice 9.1, which was about multiplying in sequences . In writing we created a tree map about Frindle. We also had a fun spelling test.

Our class chapter book is Frindle and is going to be The Landry News! The author of those books is Andrew Clemments. For social studies we did lesson#5 in our book’s . That is all for today. Tomorrow is Halloween! Everyone is exited.