October 26- by Cassidy

Today, some kids got popsicles for turning in all of their homework! We also watched a clip about music and we watched a Magic School Bus movie.

Today was so interesting! In math this morning we went into chapter nine and practiced multiplication and division facts. Then we did a subtraction quiz. For reading, we did a test on Starting a Business and our most magnificent spelling test. Social studies was Lesson 5 on How are California’s Communities Alike and Different? Also, we got over the line in our marble jar! What a wonderful Friday!


October 26, by Lovelynne

Today there was a fire over the mountains. Therefore, the kids could not run around or play tag or you would get in to trouble. In math, my class and I did a math test on multiplication. Before we did our math test our teacher helped us on the test by reviewing some of the questions. Also, in math some people still have to finish their math packets. A lot of kids in our class did very well on the math test.

After that, we went to yoga. In yoga, we did a different posture. That posture is called the pigeon posture. While we were doing yoga, a lot of kids were making a lot of noise. Some kids got in trouble because they were too loud. While we were doing this other posture, a lot of kids were making all sorts of different sounds. One of the final things we did was read a book called Frindle. In the book we are on chapter 15; I can not believe that we are almost done with the book.


Oct 16 by Seth

Room 40 is very excited about our field trip to the courthouse tomorrow! In math, we learned about graphs and trends. Trends are if numbers increase, decrease, or stay the same. After math, we did a clues chart on Deadalus and Icarus. Once we finished math, we read lesson 4 in unit 1 of social studies. After lunch, we had a short recess and then it was time to go home. Since it was a minimum day, we did not do as many activities as we usually do.


Wednesday October 11, by Devyn

Today the whole class got to write their own class Blog. First, we did math. We made an excel bar graph and had a math test on chapter 5. Next, we read Two Tickets to Freedom. Then, the class did a quick write about all the characters in our reading book.

After lunch, we read Frindle. The story was about Nick making up a new word. After Frindle, we did our Social Studies where we learned about mountain passes, borders, and California settlements. Finally, we are going outside for PE.


by Evan

Today our student council electors were chosen, Scott Shelton for vice president, Breeze Hawthorne for treasurer. Some people were exited that two people in our class won.

This morning in math we learned about scales and intervals wile working with graphs. In our reading book, we are reading Two Tickets to Freedom. The story is about two slaves that run from their plantation. Last but not least, in social studies we reviewed the California regions which are the coast, desert, valley, and the mountains.


Monday October 2, 2006

The first thing we did this morning was count our classroom money to see who can go to our class party. More than half the class will be joining us on our party day. After we counted our money, we had auctions with what we had left. Joshua won a new T-shirt from Discovery Education!

In math, we studied for our chapter four test. The practice test we took was on variables, tables and parentheses.

During language arts time, we made a clues chart for Mae Jemison, Space Scientist. Our clues chart helps us understand what the story is about before we read it. After lunch, we studied parts of a sentence, including subject and predicate.

We ended the day by finishing our class blog and going out to PE.