Wednesday October 11, by Devyn

Today the whole class got to write their own class Blog. First, we did math. We made an excel bar graph and had a math test on chapter 5. Next, we read Two Tickets to Freedom. Then, the class did a quick write about all the characters in our reading book.

After lunch, we read Frindle. The story was about Nick making up a new word. After Frindle, we did our Social Studies where we learned about mountain passes, borders, and California settlements. Finally, we are going outside for PE.


angel said...

Devyn, I relly like your class blog.The best part for my is when you talk about firndle.

aileen said...

Devyn,the best part of your blog was that you used great time words and you had good fourth grade sentences and keep up the good work!

cassidy said...

I agree with aileen! you used super awesome time words!!! You are a true writer!!!!!!

briana said...

Next time we get P.E for the extra 15 mun I hope!