Monday October 2, 2006

The first thing we did this morning was count our classroom money to see who can go to our class party. More than half the class will be joining us on our party day. After we counted our money, we had auctions with what we had left. Joshua won a new T-shirt from Discovery Education!

In math, we studied for our chapter four test. The practice test we took was on variables, tables and parentheses.

During language arts time, we made a clues chart for Mae Jemison, Space Scientist. Our clues chart helps us understand what the story is about before we read it. After lunch, we studied parts of a sentence, including subject and predicate.

We ended the day by finishing our class blog and going out to PE.


Scotts Mom said...

A classroom party! That sounds like fun. I sure hope everyone earns enough money to go to the next party. I wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Scott's Mom

Isaiah's Mom said...

Isaiah liked the classroom party! It would be pretty exciting to have everyone go to the party next month! Keep up the good work!