December 20- by Kianna

Yesterday, Mr. Kootman called in sick. Everybody thought he made an excuse just to get away from us kids. So Mr. Kootman asked our student teacher ( Ms. Sarina) to take over for the day. Right now Mr. Kootman wants to see how fast I am by doing a blog in one day. I started taking notes yesterday.... and I think I'm going to succeed on it. Because we have a lot of fast typers in my class. But he chose me because he had pride in me. Let's stop talking about this and go into the real world.

In math we took a multiplication test. Some of the problems were: 9x4;9x9;5x3; and some other stuff. My class's average is 85%. last time we had 83%. After the test we opened our math book and we're on 11.5. The lesson was called Solving Simpler Problems. It was like: 96x31. Instead of doing 96x31... it's going' to be much harder with that math on your paper. We rounded the factors just did 100x30. We had to do those types of problems on our white boards.

Afterwards, we read Sewed up his Heart. Sewed up his Heart is about a man named Mr. Cornish getting stabbed in the heart. He went straight to the hospital to get sewed up. A Dr. named Dr. Dan decided he'll operate because he faced a challenge. Then, Ms Sarina picked a stick . My number is 24 when she said " Kianna, what is the story about?" And guess what I said? Murder. Where did I get the word murder from? No one was murdered.

After, Mr. Kootman & Ms. Sarina decided that we have to draw Dr. Dan out of words. He told us to draw him lightly and then on the lines write who Dr. Dan was about. When that was over we did apostrophes. For my class and I, apostrophes were like review to us. The two places we need to remember apostrophes are for contractions and for possessive nouns. We did apostrophes for at least 20 min.

Once we finished that, we went to lunch. Then, Ms. Sarina read By The Great Horn Spoon. We're on chapter 10 called The Rogue Out-Rouged. We didn't start it yet but we will after lunch.

On December 20 we will have a party, well.. Mr. Kootman wouldn't call it a party..... OK it's a party kind-of. HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS, JOYOUS KWANZAA & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December 13- by Demar

I did not know we were famous!!!!!! 1,2,3. HOW many people are gonna walk through the door! The superintendent of Fallbrook schools and two principals came to our room and a special person named Ms. Lucy. Today our class learned to multiply by 4 digit numbers; Mr. Kootman said I rocked it. I thought it was hard. Then we got ready to go to yoga. When we arrived some one told us that the kindergarteners were practicing their play. Then we tried to go out side but it was way to cold. Once we came back, the homework checkers checked our homework. Oh! did I mention that we had a math quiz? After that, we had reccess; I got beat up in football.

Once we came back from reccess we read The Milkmaid and Her Pail. We learned a lot about fables; we even made a circle map about it. I thought it was cool because fables have been passed on for years and years. Once we finished, we did vocabulary, we had a lot of words. We each choose our own words. My words were antibodies,microbes,plague and sterilize. Once we were done with our words we stepped right in to our C.L.A.S book. We were just doing review but I did not think so. Then we went to lunch.

At lunch they had hamburgers, pbj, and yogurt with graham crackers. After, we read our very new class chapter book The Great Horn Spoon. The chapter was about a kid named Jack and his butler, Praisworthy, searching for a thief on the boat who stole their money. So Praisworthy made an exellent idea to find the thief.

Next we did science and learned what is the pistol and what is the stamen,we even played a game of pictionary. Hunter figured out the most. When we were done we got ready for P.E. where we played a game of War Ball. You already know I got crushed. Then we packed up and went home.


December 17- by Mattison

WATCH OUT IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! HOHOHO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! On Wednesday we did a Review/test on chapter 10,then we moved on to Chapter 11, which is called Understand Multiplication. After math we went to yoga, but the kindergarteners were practicing a play for the parents so we went to class to finish up what we were doing. I was sad cause we couldn't go to yoga. Today we are learning Multiply by Multiples of 10. Before recess we did our Math Packet on lesson 1. When we came in from recess we started reading Medicine Past and Present. It is very long. It is about some diseases: cowpox,and smallpox. It is also about people getting really sick. A lot of people are getting sick from cowpox,and are having to go to the Hospital in the story.

After that we did a test on Medicine Past and Present.Then when we were done with that we went to lunch; it was good. I got ice cream. After lunch we read our class chapter book called By The Great Horn Spoon. Some of the characters are Praiseworthy,Captain Swain, Mr.Azariah Jones,Aunt Arabella and Jack. After that we did Science. Science was on lesson 4- What is an Adaption.

We did not do Social Studies today. After we did Science we were going to go to P.E,but we didn't because everyone was being too noisy and we didn't have enough time. We usually have Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays,but we did not go Tuesday and Thursday.

Some of us had to do vocab and clues chart for Homework; I was one of them. Vocab is is where you learn about some words out of the story you will be reading next,and then you write down the words that you learned and you look them up in the glossary. And a clues chart is where you trace your hand and then you write down the author, the genre, the title and the key vocab and,finally the picture clues.


December 4- by Arabelle

Today we were lucky to have some guests. One of them was Ms.D, a teacher from another school, the other was Ms.Sarina, our student teacher. They watched us do our morning work which was math. During math we did a review on chapter nine, which was on expressions using multiplication. After that, we took the real test!
After the test, we went to yoga and we were the first there so we got to be on the stage for yoga,witch was kind of cool. When yoga was over we had a little more time to finish the test because some people were not finished.

In reading and writing, Ms.Sarina read "Salt". The story "Salt" is about a man named Ivan who was not trusted by his father. But he found pure Russian salt and sold it to a king. Ivan also won the heart of the beautiful princess, the daughter of the king.

When we were done with the story we did an activity with it.The activity was where we give the character a bit of advice and it was really fun. After that activity, it was time for lunch. Reina, Sami and I played an animal game because we LOVE ANIMALS.

After lunch Ms.Sarina read Room One. In Room One, Ted found out how he could save April and her family.The next day Ted found them in an abandoned house next door to the Anderson's house. Ted and his mom planned to pick up April, Alexa, and Artie but they were not there!After Ms.Sarina was done reading everyone started whining, but Ms.Sarina could not read any more because it would be the end of the book. Mr.Kootman had to get the class quiet so we could move on with the day.

At the time that was done we moved on to science were we learned about ecosystems on and off of land and it was pretty fun learning that because we learned stuff we never knew. When we got done with all of our science we were all ready to go home. So everyone got there homework and backpacks said " I will see you later "and every one had to go home and took off.


December 3, 2007- by Skye

NEWS LISTEN UP!!!!! First, at about 9:35am we had a practice test on chapter 9 in math and we went over some of the problems from the trimester test. Then, we did our vocab+clues chart for our new story Salt; some of our words are: uncharted, merchandise, and procession. A procession is a neat line of people or cars.

Next,our student teacher, Mrs.Sarina, played with the Smart Board; she was crazy. After snack we worked in our spelling and vocab book and learned about Plot in our C.L.A.S book (which took a good hour maybe). Then, Mr.Kootman taught a comprehension review on the Oregon Trail.... it was kind of like a test.

At 12:15 we went to lunch and we had a chicken sandwich. At lunch recess most of the kids (including me) played handball. Once that was done, we read Room One where Ted was still helping April and her family. Ted thinks the family is on the run. Last, we did science and we learned about ecosystems. An ecosystem is the habitat around you. If you don't know what an ecosystem or a habitat is then listen. Well a habitat is a home. An ecosystem is the living or nonliving things around you (dun,dun,dun)!! Then, we packed up our homework, and went home.