November 13, by Michael C.


I was just kidding about that. If you were this class you would probably be very exhausted. We did twenty five tiring math problems this morning. (They were really hard). Next, we took out our practice page, 10.1 like we do everyday ,This one was about multiplication patterns.

When we finished math, our class wrote six definitions but, someone made our teacher add another vocabulary definition because he/she was talking when our teacher said not to.

Following lunch, Mr.Kootman read us the book, The Landry News. We go through chapters like its nothing because the book is so interesting. In the Landry News, Kara sweats for the first time in gym. Kara is mad because nobody likes her.
Afterwards we had a social studies test that nobody wanted to do. I hope everybody gets either an A+ or a B so our teacher will be glad. During social studies we took out our science book and took notes on landforms. Today was probably the longest day ever!

“Yes, I do know the initials for Kentucky.”


Michael & Gina Colello said...


That was a great blog you wrote. You definitely had our attention and we enthusiastically kept reading, waiting to hear what else you were going to share. You are a great writer, we are very proud of you and we also hope you get an A+ or B on your test! (smile) Awesome Job! Love, Mommy & Daddy

cassidy said...

I agree with you it did feel like the longest school day EVER!!!! Also I thought the way you started your blog was pretty funny!!

Jannely said...

On your attention getter i actully belived you. Your class blog was great.keep up the good work.

sparrow said...

great attention getter!KOOL

jake said...

I new that the abbreveation for kentuky is ky to

Lovelynne said...

Michael,great attention getter.I don't have a lot to say but just keep up the good work.

isaiah said...

THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!! Youscared me for asecond there Mikey but I am ok. That blog was ausame. What did you get on your report card?