September 27, by room 40

Do you know how to subtract across zeros? Today we had a quiz on subtracting across zeros. Mr. Kootman felt that the class needed extra practice with this concept. People sometimes have difficulty regrouping and crossing out other numbers. It is easiest when you take it one step at a time!
For our new math lesson, we reviewed fact families and learned about how to use parentheses in expressions. When we see parentheses, we always do them first!
When it was language arts time, we read Mae Jemison- Space Scientist for the second time. Mae was famous because she was the first African American women to go into space. After reading the story, we did our first quick write.
We were all very excited because Megan wrote our second student blog! Our blogs have received so many comments so far, including comments from Guam and The Philippines.
After lunch, we read about how Zoe’s dad helped the girls negotiate contracts in The School Story. Then we went to the library, where we all got some great books for our daily reading logs.
Lastly, we took a social studies quiz on the different regions of California. The four regions of California are the valley, the coast, the desert and the mountains.


Mathew said...

You've been tagged to participate in Unit Opener Planning Week. Please consider posting on your plans for opening upcoming units.

devindiaz said...

Sens when did you geat 1 comment!

kianna said...

i like your attention getter. i learned how to subtrack acroos 0's when i was in the 2nd grade. i also like about the that who Zoe was. keep on typing AWAY!!!!

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cf said...

we are awesome

cf said...

we are awesome