April 1, 2008- by Skye

Hey, it's April fools day; you should watch out for the .....PIE .....just kidding. At first, we did math and the green group got on the computer. In math we were learning about the length on a coordinate grid. A coordinate grid has an x and y axis. Most of the kids in class got it right away and others not so well. So we did a few problems on our white boards.

Next, we had yoga for about 30 min. We only do yoga on Tues. and Thurs. Also it was like a death match to get your mats (again). So the three 4th grade classes are split up so everyone wouldn't talk as much.

After that, we have.... snack recess! Some kids race to the snack tables, others to the black top or big toy, and one or two the library. Most wanted snack .... top ramen. Hand ball being the most wanted game to play (again).

Following snack recess, we went in a new unit (last week), but this week we are reading "We'll be Right Back After These Messages " by Shelagh Wallace. In this story, we're leaning about infomercials and displays. For you people who don't know what a infomercial or display is a infomercial is really just a extra - commercial. Also display is really just to show.

It's ......LUNCH TIME!!!!!!!! The school started a thing so we will be quiet. If your class as the most X's you win a pizza party!!! Because of two boys we lost. The 6th, 5th,and 4th grades in one room; this could get bad. At recess it was like a jungle.

After recess we watched two BrainPops. A BrainPop is a dot com that shows educational videos. We finished our class chapter book The Report Card. Then we did our spelling words. Some of are spelling words are Failure, nature, mixture,and introducion. Well it's some kids best time of the day....... time to leave!!!! Some to the bus, other to a car, and a lot to the sidewalk.


skye said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Skye!Great blog.I think you have really improved since your last blog.April Fools day is an unessasrey holiday to me.

your friend,

Mattison said...

Hello Skye,i love your u like April Fool's Day?i do cause i want to trick people.Keep up the good work Skye!!

Shannon said...

This blog is GREAT!! You have a very easy writing to style to read and understand! It sounds a lot like your speaking voice. You're a pretty smart kid!

D Kootman said...

Hey Skye,
I thought your attention getter was quite original :) I also liked what Sami said in her comment above about it being an "unnecessary holiday." You two are pretty humorous!
It was also great how you reviewed x and y axis. Your "death match" simile was great, as was your complete explanation of the specific events. That's what makes great writing!
Mr. K