April 19, 2008- by Jackson (from HOME)

(Written after surgery for removal of tonsils and adenoids)

Ice cream for breakfast! A perfect Saturday so far!

The day started having Gatorade and vanilla ice cream for breakfast. My brothers and I have to eat soft foods for about a week. That was great except for the fact that Tylenol with codeine followed. Tylenol with codeine is a
medicine with a horrible taste.

After breakfast my family watched TV for about a half an hour. There was something good on NFL Total Access HD. My brothers sometimes prefer Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or Disney channel though. And they won. We watched Fairly Odd Parents.

My dad had to go to my soccer teams fundraiser. I wanted to go but unfortunately on Wed. I got my tonsils and adenoids taken out. My dad was sorry I couldn't go. My soccer team does lots of fundraisers.

Jell-O was for lunch. It was ok until I threw it up. My brothers have to eat the same foods for they had their tonsils and adenoids taken out to.

My dad came home after lunch and he said my team raised a lot of money. There were only three people there and they made about $500! I was surprised there were only three people. In fundraisers there is usually maybe five to fifteen parents. Good thing my dad went to help!

My dad told me to rest. I lay in bed for an hour or more. My family watched a movie without me. The movie was a new one that my dad bought.

When I woke up from my rest we watched the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. In the movie there are three chipmunks that have their tree taken away. When they end up in a city full of humans they go to a house with a man that wants them out. When the man hears the chipmunks singing outside his house he makes a deal with them. The deal was that if they sang for him (his job is to write songs) they could live with him. This was great until a man who wanted to be rich bribed them to work for him. They accepted this offer. After mistreatment from this man the chipmunks went back to their old "roommate".

After the movie we got ready for bed. And that was it for the day.


D Kootman said...

I still cannot believe the great attitude you had through all of that! I appreciate your account of how things went, both in the blog and the Photostory. You did a great job of describing things and making them sound interesting.
I remember having ice cream and Jell-O when I had my wisdom teeth removed. It's great for the first two days, but then you get a bit sick of it!
What did you soccer team do to make so much money so quickly?

cristen said...

cool blog jackson! Did you know that i got my tonsils out to?

mattison said...

Jackson, I know that feeling, cause my brother had his tonsils taken out. The breakfast must have been good. My brother had to eat soft foods for about 2 weeks. What do you mean your brothers won? What was on NFL Total Access HD? Your team is lucky, cause my team doesn't do Fundraisers. That is alot of money With only 3 people their.I want to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.I have only seen Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas.And it is boring.The origanl Alvin and the Chipmunks seems interesting.I have been wanting to watch it.If i were a Chipmunk i would n go with the deal that the person told them to sing.

joey said...

jackson graet post I like how you used nice and apropreit details.

Anonymous said...

Wow!I haven't spent a Saturday like that in at least three years!I spend my Saturdays helping my mom with all the chores in the house.And when I say all I mean dishes,trash,yard work,the dog,laundry,bathrooms,dusting,going to the Commasary,and more I think.Now,I haven't had my tonsils removed ether,but my mom has!The problem was the next day she got sick from all the ice cream!And the only time I saw Alvin and the Chimpmunks is when I visited my closest cousins in Utah!That was a long time ago.Well,I got to go.I can't stay here forever.This is suposed to be a short comment and I need to get back to my desk.See you there! Sami,

diego said...

hey how are you doiung today jackson because when i got my tonissls out i never did feel good because i got mine out when i was four or five.But that was a long time ago.Anywase that was a good long blog that you did that was great. diego

Anonymous said...

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