April 24, by Arabelle

Look Out!! Man what is wrong with that STAR TEST? What is all the fuss about anyway?

But anyway in math... AHHHHH!! Sorry the star test is still on my mind!! Math was all about temperature in Fahrenheit and also negative and positive numbers. We are also practicing for the star test. Yikes that star test just dose not want to stop. But lets get back to the school stuff.

When we went into reading, we talked about this weeks vocabulary words which are: raised print, determined, pattern, improvements, and cell. The story was about Louis Braille, the boy who invented books for the blind. Louis Braille started Braille writing when he was fixing Captain Barbier's nightwriting.

In writing we did pg.180 and pg.181- Writing a Bibliography. Bibliographies can be used to show information on a subject, for example lets say you had book one of a series and the book was about Greek gods and a Half-Blood named Perseus Jackson, you could probably find book two in a Bibliography about books with Greek gods and Half-Bloods.

WHOA!!!! HERE COMES THE STAR TEST RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! DUCK!!!! OK that was a close one; better get to the class chapter book before the STAR test comes back. In our class book, Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing, Peter's dad took Peter and Fudge to the movies. On the way to the movie, A Bears Life, Fudge was jumping in the puddles so when they got to the movies Peter's dad stuffed Fudge's pants with paper towels to soak up the water.

After all that was done it was time to pack up and go home I made sure to watch out for the STAR test on my way home.

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Megan said...

WOW!That was close!Wait,what am I talking about?We already had the STAR TEST,duuuuh!!!Well,who cares,it was actually quite easy.Forget about that though.That was a great blog,it was really exciting.You know I don't really think you explained other things besides the STAR TEST very well,no offence,but still.I really liked it though.I bet when you wrote this you were really freaked out by the STAR TEST.Well, I've got to ditch this popcicle stand.JUST JOKING!!!