May 20, by Hunter

MATH!!!! We had our morning math and writing assignment. I won't have to do that tomorrow because I will be typing this blog! Every morning, we do a short math review and our DOL (daily oral language). After that, we did page 277 in our math book.

Then we had lunch. I had Funyuns, peanut butter crackers, Nutter Butter cookies and 2 Capri-suns. When it was time to go play I played soccer with Devin D. and all my other friends. I scored one goal. When we returned from recess, we read our class chapter book. In the book, Patty Reeds Doll, they were in 10 feet of snow and two of them died: Milt and Eddie's baby.

Then we had to write a quick summary of the chapter we read. We only got 10 minutes; I probably got about 85 words. After that we went outside to try out for the Don Dornin games (a mini Olympics) We tried out for the standing long jump. This is like the regular long jump, but without running. I got 55 inches; I hope I made it Then we all went home to rest our legs. Then we have to do our homework.


austin said...

WOW hunter you did a perfect job on your blog .

austin said...

WOW hunter you did a perfect job on your blog .

deisha said...

WOW that was super cool yet short you are like an expert at doing blogs well got to go

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Anonymous said...

hahaha this was me 5 years ago