May 13, 2008- by James

History! History! Come aboard. Today we went on a field trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano. When we got outside there were only two buses. There were too many people on the bus already so our class had to split in half so every body could fit. Me and my friend Demar sat next to each other. The way there was good. When we got through the entrance a guy gave us a passport for the mission. The guy told us all the directions that you can't do in the mission. Christian R, Christian F,Devin, Demar and I were in Mrs. Meltcalfe's group. First we went to the picnic area to eat our snacks. I was so hungry because I had to share with Demar.
Then we saw a story about a guy that wanted the swallow to have a home. After that we saw a fish pond and there were koi fish. We saw a huge fish and it looked
like it was trying to kiss us. We were there for about 15 minutes. When we left, the fish was following us. After that we went to an Indian exhibit in a room at the mission.

In the museum we saw how they slept and what they did to survive. Then we went into the church. We kneeled down on a stool and my group prayed. After that we went into a place were there were Indians who were working for soldiers and a priest was teaching them Catholicism. Then we took a bathroom break. Then we went to lunch. For lunch I had a sandwich, cookies, Cheetos, and a juice box. When we were done with lunch we saw another fish pond. We went over to the pond and there were a lot of fish in the pond.

We were looking at all the fish in the pond and we said if we wanted to be a fish which one would we would be. We called out the fish we wanted to be and I called the black and orange one. Everybody called the big fishes except Demar because he saw a huge black fish. We didn't like that pond so we went to the pond were the other fish were. We discovered a new fish that was gold and black. We stayed there the rest of the day.

When the day was over we got on the bus and I sat next to Demar again. When we rode back to school we made up some funny songs. When we got back to class we went over what we learned. At two o'clock we did Don Dornan games. The games have running, jumping, softball,and throwing. We started with long jump. I came in first place! All the people that did the games tried out for the long jump that day.

Finally the day was over and we went home.


deisha said...

that was awsome oh...sorry i can't say anymore got to go

a kid in Mississippi said...

WOW! Great blog! I liked your attention getter. I also liked when you said that everyone chose a big fish except me. But why did you put my name in there so many times, not that I didn't like it I am just asking?

christian r said...

Wow James, you can really type a blog. How many names did you put in the blog any way. Also you had a awsome attention getter. Did you really like our trip to San Jaun Capistrano, because I did. I also finished my passport, did you. Did you have fun on the field trip.

christian f..................... said...

awesome blog

Allison, in Connecticut said...

Hi, James! So glad to get to read about your school field trip. It sounds as if you had a really great time! I especially chuckled when you mentioned eating "Cheetos" for lunch. (I remember they are your Mom's favorites! ;) Can you do a fish-kiss? Well, here's one for you, all the way from Connecticut... ><
Love, Allison <3

Allison, in Connecticut said...

P.S. Congratulations on your 1st place long jump! WooHoo! <3