May 21, by Diego

Today is the talent show try outs and I'm going to use the cello and I sure hope I make it. By the time I got to do my songs I had to wait an hour and a half! Today we started with our D.O.L. and with our mixed and quick review in math. Speaking of D.O.L., in our homework tonight we get to make our own D.O.L. I plan on making mine very hard for everyone.

By the time I came back to class from the talent show everybody had already finished reading our new story, Pocahontas. She was born in eastern Virginia by a lake in 1595.The new Jamestown colonists arrived in 1617 and they became friends with Pocahontas. She had a husband named John Rolf; he was a very wealthy tobacco planter,and they had a son named Thomas Rolf. When he was older he helped fight against the Indians. Pocahontas later died of smallpox when she was only twenty two.

Our next story is a play but i don't know if Mr. Kootman is going to let us act out the play. After reading the story we did our comprehension book on figures of speech. We then all made our own creative sentences. Next we went to lunch and by the time we went to recess the weather got really foggy and cold. The news said that it was going to rain and a chance of a tornado, but i don't think that is really going to happen.

When we got back from lunch we read Patty Reads Doll. Ms.Reed and all the family's were finally out of the snow and they were finally on their way to the mountains were they planned on meeting Mr.Reed. Mr. Reed went on ahead to Sutter's Fort after the insistent where he stabbed someone.

After reading the book we did social studies. We learned about very famous people in the gold rush. After that we went out side and people who did sign up for the Don Dornan games got to do a relay race and they got to use these really cool batons. The batons looked almost as if they could glow in the dark. And they also did tug o' war. The people that didn't do the Don Dornan games would go to the playground, but this time we got to play tug o' war too. Then we went home and I cant wait for the next week of school.


Anonymous said...

I think that was awsome that you explained the whole story to me! That was great!!!

From Max

Mattison said...

wow Diego that was alot and you spelled where,were.

D Kootman said...

Terrific job in summarizing what we did that day. You gave some good details about Pocahontas. You were right, we will be acting out individual parts of the play for Martha Helps the Rebel. Watch out for run-on sentences in your rough drafts. I can't wait to see you and your cello at the talent show!
Mr. K

jackson z. said...

Awesome complete thoughts! Were younervous at tryouts for the talent show?

connor said...

Wow!! Diego is the cello hard to learn? Cool picture of the cello,it really goes great with the show.Well whipe out the other kids in the talent show!!!