May 19, 2008- by Mattison

Watch out there's a math test coming out!!! Today for math we did review for "Understand Time." We did some problems on our white boards about elapsed time. Once that was done we checked DOL. It stands for Daily Oral Language. DOL is an activity where we have to correct incorrect sentence grammar and spelling.

When we finished at 9:35 we went out for the Don Dornan games practice. What you do for the Don Dornan games is you race against kids in different classes. The reason why we went out at 9:35 is because we knew it would be in the 90's. For reading we did Vocab and clues chart on "Pocahontas." The story "Pocahontas" is from The Virginia Colony. It is about Pocahontas's life. She had 3 names which Pocahontas was her nickname. Her names were Motoaka, Rebecca and Pocahontas.Pocahontas meant "the playful one."

After we did our Vocab and Clues chart we went to lunch at 12:20-12:35,then we went to lunch recess from 12:35-1:00.we get in the classroom at 1:05.Once that was done we read Patty Reed's Doll. It's about a doll who is talking in first-person.Cattle's are getting buried by sand,because the wind is blowing to hard that the sand is covering the cattle's. For Social Studies we watched a video on California Statehood,and we will be doing a Social Studies test on Tuesday. At 2:00 we went out to do some more Don Dornan practice.

May 16 was Miss Metcalfe's last day.She was our student teacher who helped Mr.Kootman and our class. I was unhappy to see her go, but glad that she has become a teacher. Finally we went home and did our homework.


jackson z. said...

Great way of description! If I wasn't a student I would have no clue what DOL is! Inthe third paragraph you didn't capitolize the beginning of a sentence.

Mattison said...

Thank you Jackson.i had to figure out where that was at!!!!