May 12, by Samantha

MAY I HAVE EVERYONE'S ATTENTION, PLEASE? Our student teacher is going to leave in a few days! I need a good way to say good bye. Can you help me? If you said yes you are probably going to need some background, and I think I can provide most of today. OK, first, as I remember, we started with a page of math and D.O.L. Now you're probably wondering what a D.O.L is, and its a good thing too. A D.O.L is a small work sheet with grammar mistakes and often parts of speech questions. Sometimes I don't remember what the questions were specifically. Hey! I only said most background not all! Anyway, after D.O.L we had to do a math page 400 pages back from where we were. This page was on time if you can believe it! No hard feelings to anyone who's having a hard time on the subject, but I did it in second grade and now we're in fourth! So after the big blow up that I am currently having, it was easy! Maybe five minutes or less after D.O.L I was done.

Sometime after correcting morning work Mr. Kootman and our student teacher, I mean the one we might not see again, started to teach our math lesson, and when I see something easy I'm telling you, its easy. I'm not getting any ideas but that's the whole reason I felt like yawning. Sorry Mrs.Metcalfe and Mr. Kootman, it's just true! The whole thing was elapsed time. In my mind and surely some other people's I was wondering why the lesson had to take a whole hour and not 15 minutes. Well anyway, after the unnecessary time of our lesson MissMetcalfe made us do a few problems. Hey! Any ideas coming to your minds? If not continue thinking, time is running short. With problems out of the way you'd think it's free time but, here come the dump trucks!!! Wait, look, at least its just a little one. Math packet time is imminent. And it was as easy as the lesson. Well duh, it's based on the lesson. Math packet out of the way RECESS TIME!!!!!

All right Miss Metcalfe out of the room, recess is over, time to put our brains together, any ideas? You just had recess, no ideas. Wait, what did you say? A booklet? Great idea! We'll make MissMetcalfe a booklet out of pink paper. How about we each write a little note at the top saying 2 things we'll remember about her activities and her. Mr. Kootman told the class to do it, and we did. Some of our notes were funny and some of our notes were depressing but most of them were just plane " I'll miss you." and all the mushy stuff.

Soon too many people were coming into the room and Mr. Kootman was getting weary so he shutdown the activity. Quickly Mr. Kootman ran through the rules about not acting suspicious to MissMetcalfe when she came in one more time.Then he ordered us to take out our language arts books and tried to get us to do as much work as possible before MissMetcalfe walked in. As we did get much work done Miss Metcalfe came in. We all knew she would eventually, but she caught on fast to what we were doing. Good thing we weren't working on the booklet when she came in, or she would have caught on to the booklet! In our language arts book story was about the Mayflower. The exact title was The Voyage of the Mayflower but close enough. Even though we weren't reading the story yet we were doing a vocab and clues chart. When you are doing the vocab part you are supposed to look in the glossary of the language arts book to find meanings and parts of speech that belong to your vocab words. An example might be, "dunce, A noun, A person with a lack of intelligence." That is what it would look like. Then you copy it down on your piece of paper. Now the clues chart looks like a traced hand, cause it is, with information about the book and your prediction on what the story will be about.

With all of that out of the way lunch time was here. By the way, Miss Metcalfe still doesn't have a clue that we made her a book. Mr. Kootman dismissed our tables by the quietest table, table six , to go to lunch first. As soon as we got into the cafeteria it was LOUD! I mean the teachers shouldn't have to promise the quietest class a pizza party to be quiet! That's just wrong! I felt like somebody was starting another food fight.

Now that lunch is over and we are in our quiet, ear relieving class, Miss Metcalfe asked us to take out the class chapter book, Patty Reed's Doll,. In this chapter of the book the Reed's family was lost traveling through an unknown mountain range all because some dude wrote a book saying that way was shorter than the California trail and a promise to meet all people who decide to follow his advice at a fort for further instructions. But, when the man wasn't at the fort they had to continue on their own.

After Miss Metcalfe read that it was social studies time! Social studies was about how people got to California and why. We learned that people got to California by ether wagon or ship. Sometimes people start by ship then cross the Isthmus of Panama on foot then continue in a new ship. The most popular reason pioneers came to California was for land and the GOLD RUSH!

I bet I'm going kinda fast but I'm waiting for dismissal, Which is now! Bye every one and thank you for listening!


SKYE said...

It's vrey,very,very,very,very,very,very,very llllllllllloooooooonnnnnggggg!YES.

connor (from virginia) said...

good,but very long.