May 15, 2008- by Christian L.

Man overboard!!! Read on to find out who got wet. First we went on our super cool FIELD TRIP! We took attendance quickly, then we got on the bus and drove to the Mechanized Museum and looked at some really cool Marine tanks and cars.

Next we went to Rancho Santa Margarita and were taught who owned this land of Camp Pendelton before us. Then we had people take us on a tour of Rancho Santa Margarita. We learned that a farmer's horse can go up to the front of the war and get shot and wouldn't always get hurt. In the Korean War, this was Sgt. Reckless. Then we saw a real cannon from the Korean war that was captured by Colonel Pendleton.

Lastly, we went to Lake O'Neill and ate lunch.THEN Hunter fell in the lake!!! Mr.Kootman made Hunter go under the water spigot to rinse off. Then before we got on the bus we had to let him dry. Finally we went outside and did the Don Dornan games. The athletes did the long jump and James jumped the longest; it was 9 feet 10 inches.

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deisha said...

OMG that was so good but alittle short it was more like you were putting it in first this and second that...but other than that it was awsome man you should write another one but next time explain and teach us what we did please