April 25, 2008- by Aiko

Up, up and away! Today is kite day and ,I, Aiko S. will tell you about Friday, April 18,2008. This morning at approximately 8:30am I did my morning work. I did a couple of division problems and some word problems. I thought it was pretty easy. Then, we did our lesson on finding a pattern; you mostly had to use a table to find the pattern.

Now we move on and we're reading. We're reading "Koko`s Kittens." It is about a gorilla who gets a kitten and treats her kitten like her baby. Sadly, later Koko got a call and found out that Koko`s kitten, All Ball, had died in a car accident. Koko was so sad, but after almost a year Koko got a new kitten named Lipstick. So after the story we had recess and I mostly had to be in the office because of my diabetes. I have to prick my finger. If my blood sugar is low I have to eat sugar. If it is high, then I have to bolus insulin into myself; pretty tricky.

After recess we went to music class where we sang a song called "Viva La Musica". When music was over, we took a tests on spelling and I did horrible I think. Ding! The bell rang! It was the most important moment we all been waiting for; it's lunch!

As I was walking up to the lunch room I saw my mom. We had lunch together but nobody came to the lunch room. After lunch I went up top and saw A LOT of kites; almost a hundred or maybe a thousand kites. I started my kite by the second water fountain and it didn`t do a very good job but when the wind picked up I did great.

I started to let the string go and it went high. It flew for an hour then we had to go in. When we were in we read a story called Tails Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. It was about a kid who has a brother and he is crazy. He also swallowed a turtle... weird. Then on our white board we saw a video and PowerPoint from Ms. Metcalfe (our student teacher ). Her dad is a geologist so we had a better slide show than we otherwise would have.
The slide show was on rocks. on a rating scale it rates a 1,000,000000,000! It was awesome what can I say. But then I realized that it was a lesson on erosion. Erosion is when wind or water can create a hole or form a different rock its cool.

Then it was HOT time, HOT time means homework on time but I forgot to do part of my homework so I had to go to another persons class. when I was there they made me write a paper on the rules for school. Ding! The bell rang again and the day was over!


D Kootman said...

I think of my favorite parts of your blog post was your attention getter! I also thought it was great how you explained how blood sugar affects you and how important it is for you to monitor it. Did you realize that you used onomatopoeia when you said "Ding!"?
Mr. Kootman

Mattison said...

Wow Aiko,that was like the best blog i have ever read. Not the beeest blog ,but the best. I liked your Attention Getter.i liked how you said"today is kite day and ,I, Aiko S.will tell you about friday."

Anonymous said...

Wow Aiko that was a great blog and i liked your attention getter.You really pulled me in to read your
blog. great blog, connor