April 28, 2008- by Christian F.

Today we ran outside. Mr.Kootman said not to run over the little kids. When we got back to the room we went into math and we learned about negative numbers and positive numbers. We also had a quiz on area and perimeter. Number 4 was hard, but the rest of them were not hard. A negative number is to the left of the zero position on a number line. A positive number is a number is farther to the right of zero.

Next we went in to reading and we had our comprehension test on the invention of aspirin instead of our story, Louis Braille The Boy Who Invited Books For The Blind. It's about a man who discovered aspirin I would rather have had a test on Louis Braille.

Next we played Wham! It's a game that you have to spell a word. One person says one letter once you finish the word. The next person has to say the word. The next person says "WHAM" then the next person who would go next is out. Afterwards, we had our spelling test and all the words started with "ex".

We had a quiz in science it was on the smart board, rather than paper. In our class chapter book, a character named Fudge ate his brother's turtle and he had too take all this medicine that helps get the turtle out of his stomach. Later at night the turtle came out and the next morning his father and mother came home with a lot of presents. One big one was for Peter who had a turtle. His father told him to put his hand inside and there was a dog. Fudge wouldn't eat a dog!


diego said...

I really liked the part when you thalked about the positive,and negetivies.In the quiz I also thought number four was kind of hard. You did a very good job on your blog. Your friend,Diego

connor said...

Hi.Iliked the way you put WHAM!And how you decribed it.



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