April 29, by Holly

Hello!!! I knew it was going to be a great day,and man it was a hot day too!!! I'm going to tell you about the class' great day!! First, we came into class, looked at the board and did our math and our D.O.L.

In math we were doing page 442, 445,446,and 23.4 in our math packet. The page in our math packet was about problem solving skills. After math we had snack recess and it was sort of windy. When we got back from recess we did our vocab. Our story is called "My Two Drawings." The story is only four pages, but it is a pretty nice story. Our story is about a little boy who wanted to be an artist. The little boy drew a picture of a fat snake because the snake ate a elephant. The little boy asked his parents if the picture was scary but they just thought it looked like a hat. After showing his parents the picture he said he's going to draw the inside of the snake so you could see the elephant and it doesn't look like a hat. He showed his parents the new picture and they said he should just give up, and guess what, he did!!!! He grew up as a pilot. He should have followed his dreams.

We had a science test before lunch. The science test was about rocks, but I'm not really good with science so I kind of got a bad score, but I bet other people got good scores so that's fine with me!!!!!! After the science test we had to get ready for lunch. It was really hot outside so we were happy to get in the cafeteria because there was a fan on the wall next to every table. When we were done with lunch we went up top to play, it was really, really, really hot, but we still had fun playing!!!!

After lunch and recess we read our new class chapter book, Patty Reed's Doll. After we read, we switched classes. We all go to different classes and do activities. It is so much fun!! I went to a class with math because I need to work on math. So you go to a class with something you need to work on. Well that was our great day!! I hope you comment on my blog. Bye Bye!!


jackson z. said...

Great detail! When I saw the story I thought it was a poem! That day was very hot so good thing you mentioned it!


Megan said...

Hey,Holly!That was a great blog.You were right to say it was hot, because it was.You know,my two drawings seemed like a silly story when I first read it but,now I understand it.It was actually was pretty interesting.well,gotta go. LATERS!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the detail you put in your blog especially with "My Two Drawings" the details were awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!