May 22, 2008, by Isabella

Three and a half more weeks of school WOW! The year seamed to go by in a flash. Today we read "Pocahonts." Pocahonts was not her real name. Her real name is Mataoaka. Many people do not know much about Mataoaka's life as a child. A part of her life that we do know about is when she is near the thirteen colony's. The word Pocahontas means "the playful one." Mataoaka means "little snow feather." She died when she was 22! That is young!

We mostly we go to recess at 10:30 and lunch at 12:20. We read our class chapter book after lunch. Our class chapter book is called Patty Reeds Doll.The book is awesome! We finished it today. I loved that book because it had California history and it was exciting too. The book Patty Reeds Doll is about a girl, her family and two or three more families. It was a hard journey for their party because they did not have enough water in the desert and did not have enough food in the mountains. In the desert, they lose their oxen when the drivers tried to take them to the river. In the mountains they get stuck in their cabin because it is so cold. When a rescue team comes they scream with joy.

After we reviewed what we learned today, we did Don Dornan practice. Don Dornan is like track and field events for students. Then I got on the bus and went home.

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D Kootman said...

Hey Isabella,
Great job summarizing both Pocahontas and Patty Reed's Doll. Good details!