June 10, 2008- by Devin P.

Wow! It is already the end of the school year! Hi my name is Devin and I am typing a blog during a Tuesday in the last week of school. The first thing we did today was our morning work, our morning work is D.O.L and a page in our math book. D.O.L is a worksheet that has different activities, like correcting sentences and other grammar work. D.O.L stands for Daily Oral Language. The math page that we did was math test review, which is about fractions.

After we did our morning work we went to yoga. During yoga it was so quiet while we were doing our stretches. We were so quiet because Mr. Kootman told us to be quiet or else we owe him a lap around the track. After yoga we went back to class and took our math test. The math test was so easy because we only had 16 problems on the test.

Then we went to recess where I played basketball with my friends, Conner, Hunter, Cyphrus, Christian L. and Kianna; we played half court shooting. Half court shooting is were you go half court and try to make the basket by throwing the ball with one hand. So Hunter, Cyphrus, and I are the only ones that made it so far.

After recess we watched two science video that were on Electro-Magnets and regular magnets. The first video that we saw was about how magnets have two sides, one side is the south side and the other side is the north. If you put the north side to the south side they will attract and if you put the same side to each other the magnets will be forced to not touch the other magnet. The vocab word for this is repel.

The second video was about energy volts and you should never go in a generator room with metal on you. It even told us a lot of experiments to do and we did two experiments. One of the experiments was rip off a bottom of a plastic cup and put water in it and a little wire in the middle then it will be like a compass. Then we tried an experiment that you have to have a magnet, wire, paper clip and a cup of water. Then you take the wire and Try to pick up a paper clip but it won't pick up a paper clip, so then you rub the wire on the magnet and it gets electric so the wire can pick up the paper clip and we tried to pick up a paper clip and it worked. This is called a temporary magnet.

Then we went to lunch, I had a hot dog for lunch with Pringles, Gatorade and hot Cheetos. Once we got dismissed from eating lunch we went up top to play; I played handball with Sam, Christian, Austin and Matthew. We played elimination handball .

After lunch recess we read our classroom book named No Talking. The chapter was about when they are not talking but they can only say three words. Then we read a lesson in our science book and we watched a movie about hybrid cars. At that point, I got signed out because I had to go to an orthodontist appointment for my braces.

So that is the end of my blog!

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connor said...

Wow Devin what a long blog!! It had alot of main details. Well keep writing!

connor said...

Wow Devin what a long blog!! It had alot of main details. Well keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Two words ....COOL BLOG!!!! well later

skye said...

last one mine sorry , but cool blog!!! Skye

skye said...

nice blog !! much better then the ones Mr.kents class blog .The kids in his don't write he dose!!!

connor (from virginia) said...

hi mr. kootman!!!!!!!!!!!

connor said...

im in CT visiting my cousins i miss you mr kootman!!