June 6, 2008- by Devin D.

UH OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! We're starting a new math lesson today! Mr.Kootman's class is on chapter 4 this week,"Add Unlike Fractions" . We have to do fractions like 3 6/7 + 4 2/7= 8 1/7. Some people still need help on some stuff in our math packet. The chapter that were on is " Chapter 18 Add and Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers ".

It was Thursday, the last day reading "Going West" in our Open Court book. Some people did not know what song was at the beginning and the end of the story, but Jackson ( a very intelligent kid) knew the answer. Mr.Kootman asked Devin Diaz (me) to see if he knows it. The story was 8 pages long.(522-529)

After reading, our class did our C.L.A.S. Book. We did page 208-209 on "Understanding and Combining Sentences". We had to write down BIG words like ,interrogative, imperative, declarative, and exclamatory. On the second page we had to combine sentences together,or make the words capitalized. We also learned a lot about run-on sentences during class. Run-on sentences are like sentences with and or but (sometimes commas) that seem to keep going on and on forever.

The next thing we did was read No Talking. The girls were winning the no talking contest by a couple points. Mostly the fifth-graders are called the "Unshushables". The girls were sometimes laughing at the boys, because they were losing. Sometimes the boys forgot that they were playing a quiet game. One girl thought that "um" was a word, but no. The teachers were astonished by their good behavior.

Near the end of the day we did an art project on a volcano. First, we started with a black permanent marker to draw the main part of the volcano. Second, we pointed out were the ash, lava, magma,and lava holes are. Last, we did patterns and lava with whatever color pencil we received. The focus was on creating patterns within the volcano.

Lastly, we were about to go to P.E, but some people were too loud. So we went back inside and read until school was out.

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Skye said...

Devin wow!! I wasn't there to learn this stuff.... wich makes this so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in V.A. it's still COOL!!!!!

skye(from greentown,In) said...

hi Mr.kootman!!!!!have acool summer!

ASHLEY said...

WOW, Deven! That was such a cool blog that you wrote! I liked it ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

ashley said...

ROCK ON DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! Awsome blog that you wrote.