March 17, by Connor

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!!!!!!!!! We started the day with QR and MR. MR is mixed review and QR is quick review. Then we did our math lesson. I did not do really well. Our lesson was on comparing order decimals. Then we went to recess, I played soccer.

Then we went into L.A. We did our vocab and clues chart and one of the words was infrasonic. This is a sound that an ear can not hear but an animal can. Then the sub walked in. We had a sub because Mr. Kootman had a dentist look at his teeth. Then we did spelling. I only got two wrong. My table got called last for lunch.

At lunch we got to sit outside!!! At lunch recess I played football, then I played basketball. After lunch recess we read our class book. Have you ever read The Report Card??? In The Report Card the girl admits that she is smart. Then we did our spelling and vocab book.

Then we packed up and went to PE. We played kickball, it was kind of boring. Then we went home to do homework, but before we could we had to wait because we were loud. Then we left.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Connor. Great Blog.



kianna said...

OMG Connor,
you did an awsome job on your blog. way to go connor. i like your attention getter, you should keep writting attention getters like that. i also like how you remembered the lesson you did in math. and these are all the things i like in your blog: for one, i like your picture that goes w/ your math, oh, and the best thing i like about your blog is when you asked "Have you ever read The Report Card???" you also put it in "" marks. So far, i've seen nobody did that in their persinal blog that i've seen. well connor, keep on typing any thing you want. and don't forget your awsome and wonderful thoughts. well, keep on typing away. So, see you later yo!!

P.S. OMG means OH MY GOD!!

Anonymous said...

Connor you did good on your blog. by the way, what is a blog? i dont do it in my class. keep up the good work!!!1


connor said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


cristen said...

Hi!!! Good blog! did you know that i left a comment on jacksons blog too?