March 14, by Christian R.

Test! Test! Test! We have two tests we have to do! Here is what we have to do: language arts, and spelling. Today we had an Assembly for people that achieved well in school during the second trimester. It was mostly for Citizenship, Honor Roll, Principal's List, and Most Improved. I got Citizenship. There were over 30 Parents at the assembly. It looked like some moms almost cried. Oh, did I mention that we are getting our report cards? We are so anxious to get our report cards.

At 8:30 in the morning, Mr.Kootman came to get us. When we first got in the class we started to do our math at 8:45. But if you're a homework checker you have to check other's homeowork. First, we do our morning work; just easy work on very easy problems. Next, we did our lesson on "Estimate Sums and Differences." It was easy at first, then Mr.Kootman went hard on us. Then, we did our math packet on chapter 20.1. Mr.Kootman gives us probably 10 minutes. When we are doing our math packet Mr.Kootman sends people to the computer.

For Language arts, we took out our language arts book. Then we got on top of our desks and we did Handing-Off. Handing-Off is where we get on top of our desk and ask anybody in the classroom a question about our weekly story. We have to ask something that is in the story that we read. In class we are reading Anne Frank:Diary of a Young Girl. Anne Frank was captured and took to a concentration camp. She died in one. It is not because they did bad things to her. Did you know that she died from a disease? Afterward, We went to lunch recess. Me and my friend like to play Hand-Ball. Our recess is only fifteen minutes. Afterwards, Mr.Kootman read a book that is called The Report Card. It is a great story and very funny. A character in the book, Nora, got bad grades on purpose.

Before PE we passed out homework to the owners. Then came the report cards. Most people got good grades, and some got okay grades. I was one of those who got good grades. The good grades were A's and B's,C's. And the bad grades were D's and F's.

We earned PAT this week by paying attention and following directions in class. For our PAT time we got to play whatever we want. It is almost like we are having recess all over again. Only at 2:00 we have PE. We usually play war ball. It is very exciting once you get used to it. The rules are: No hitting above the waist, if you get out you can stand in line or run three laps, And the most important rule is to very honest and have fun.




Megan said...

WOW!!!That was really amazing.I liked the attention getter best,plus it really got my attention!Also I don't think that anyone else would have mentioned how well other people did than themselves.The whole begining was sooo long also,adding on the end and middle.Finally, how did you know how many parents there were?you probably made an estimate.Oh,and I like how you made it have sooo many details.Thats one of my faveorites in your blog.since you includeded the math lesson helped me remember the math lesson,I totally forgot about that.One question,do you like the story "Diary of Anne Frank"?Well,I like it alot so the way you discribed it made me like it even more.

D Kootman said...

I was also impressed with your writing. It was great how you took the initiative to write it at home. You showed great voice in your writing and I thought it really helped the reader's to "see" the assembly when you said "some moms almost cried."

Deisha said...

WOW you are the bomn at writing blogs it was like your reading someones book and you think its boring so you go on the computer and BAM! you get excited to read your very own blog.I liked it because the way you said what the special occasion was.also I liked it when you did math and estimated it that was incredible I can't wait for you next one.By the way you should show your parents the blog they would probaly say that way a rockin way to write a blog man! it's the best ever well I going to coment someone elses blog right now BYE BYE!
Your friend,

jzagurski said...

Good job Christian!! I would of been SHOCKED if you left out the report cards!!

Reina said...

Way to go Christian!You had a great attetion getter and had details,like how you said homework checkers checked homework.Also to get peoples attetion you put your attetion getter in red!