March 10, by Reina

SUB! SUB! Today the class had a substitute named Ms. Erickson. I personally don't know if Mr.Kootman was supposed to be here, because he was at a meeting on Thursday and Friday about technology. (The meetings took up the whole day).

For morning work the class did our Fraction Packet, pg.17,19 and 21 (I didn't finish it all). Afterwards we had a fire drill, a Brain Pop movie, and then we did 19.5 and 19.6. "Use Logical Reasoning" was 19.5 and "Relate Mixed Numbers and Decimals" was 19.6. We also did 19.5 and 19.6 in our math packet (at least I did 19.6. I don't know if we were supposed to though!) An example of Relate Mixed Numbers and Decimals is 2 and one fourth is equal to 2.25. Pink computer group, my computer group, went on the computer while the class was doing math work.

Next we had recess. I walked around the track with my friends, Sami and Arabelle. To close math we had a math quiz on Converting Improper Fractions. I have to say it was pretty easy for me! When the class finished we did our Vocabulary for the week which were concentration camp, stifled, confide, quarters and ration. We also did a power point on the vocab words. For spelling we had a spelling pre-test. I guess the words were words that end with "y". I got 20 out of 20.

To mark the end of the morning we had lunch. On the menu today was chicken nugget things. In the cafeteria there's this new thing where if your class is the quietest you get to go to the tables outside the next school day. And if you are the quietest all month you get a pizza party! This lunch we didn't win though. After lunch we had lunch recess. I walked the track (again) with Sami and Arabelle, half a mile this time!

Finally, we got back to the class and read the class chapter book, The Report Card. In this chapter,fifth grader Nora took an IQ test and tried to get every 3 out of 10 wrong. Lastly, we played dodge ball for P.E. After a couple minutes of playing we picked up our bags and went home.


Anonymous said...

Another blog?Good for you!I love it when you write!And keep writing before I get bored.You might as well just be an athosoI don't have to beg.


Deisha said...

wow that was good have you read the full book of Anne Frank diary of a young girl?

Megan said...

You did an other amazing blog.You are always so great at this type of stuff.Sub,I almost forgot that helped me remember that day,it was really fun(to me at least).You know I think that our class is in the running for the pizza party now.You know since you mentioned watching a brain pop movie I now remember it.

Kianna said...

you did an amazing job ion your blog, or should i say your awsome blog. i hope you get people from all around the worl including consinents from far far far away. well anyway i like your picture you picked out. you know what, i think you are one of the best blog typers so far. but i'm noy saying you are the only one though.but you do put a lot of details and effert in them.and i love commenting on your blog, and others too. well keep on tying away so people from other countries can comment on your blog. WELL-BYE REINA.