February 26, by Diego

Our class was lucky to get three of our students in the school spelling bee! Deisha even went on to the district bee!

Our mission projects are do in two full weeks. I'm doing my project on the mission called Santa Clara De Assis and I am going to do my project out of foam.Today, we started out with some of our new fraction packet. I cant believe I finished three pages from the packet from our new fraction packet. I Also got them all right. By the time that we finished the packet and by the time we finished correcting it,it was time for yoga. When the time came around we went to yoga but we just happened to be ten minutes late. Lucky,we were the first ones inside the cafeteria. The younger kids had an assembly while we had to do work. After we came back from yoga we went to recess.

When we came back in from snack we had our writing trimester test for the year. We had to summarize an article about beavers. I had learned a lot about beavers I had learned that a lot of things about their body and their life. I still cant get over that because we did that from recess all the way to lunch. After the trimester test, I read with the class which was called McBroom and the Big Wind.

The story was about a man who owns a one acre farm and with the best soil in the country. McBroom also has eleven kids; their names were Will, Jill, Peter, Polly, Tim, Tom, Mary, Larry and little Clarinda. He claims his wife is one of the best cooks in the world, but he says that her biscuits are awful heavy and their older son Peter put the heavy biscuits against the door and the biscuits kept the door closed. The only bad part was the roof that they had just got and then built of every little nail that set on the boards filled in every beaver hole in the county. But one day a big wind came and at the end and McBroom slipped in the hole and thats how he broke his leg.

On our way to to lunch, I was talking to my friends and I also had the pleasure of sitting outside. As we were eating our lunch a crow dropped a strawberry lollipop on to the floor. It almost sounded like a Cannon going off inside your ear. Almost everybody got so scared they almost flew to space. After lunch me and my friends discovered a big hole in the ground. We spent the whole recess digging for different things but so far we will keep on digging.

After lunch we got fifteen more minutes for the writing test on the beavers I had talked about earlier. After that we read a book called The Report Card. So far we learned about a girl named Nora. She is a very smart girl but she does not like much attention so she likes to copy other people because she just wants to be like the other boys and girls. When she brought her report card home she had to show her parents those C's and D's that she got on her report card just like the other kids. She had refused to show her parents the bad grades that she had got on her report card. Her sister Anna got all A+s but she had got an A minus in drivers Ed. Her brother, who is in middle school, had grades that were good but his grades were not as good as his sisters. He had gotten all A's and one B and his parents got mad at him! Now they said it was Nora's time.

After reading The Report Card we did our CLAS book which is short for Comprehension and Language Art Skills. We started to learn about conjunctions and interjections. We learned a few words for a interjection like loud phrases like oh no! Happy Birthday! After that we did some social studies on the missions. At the end of the day we went out side and played catch with tennis balls for about for five minutes, but those were short five minutes. Mr.Kootman said maybe we could finish tomorrow. Now I could go to day care and I will see you tomorrow and I can't wait for HOT time tomorrow!


jackson z. said...

Great detail Diego!! You used enough room to talk about everything! Your attention getter was great!

deisha said...

WOW!when did that come out at first you are quite during school than on the blog you like just burst out with words!When are you gong to write another one please do by the way that was totally awsome.

austin said...

WOW diego i like your blog and your pic.

christianr said...

Wow Diego, You typed a great picture

Anonymous said...

That was alot of deatail!I guess I was to late to be the first commenter.But,at least I got to comment!Once again,great job!


christian f. said...

awesome blog