February 27, 2008- by Deisha

Tomorrow is the District Spelling Bee; I'm so excited! The worst part is hundreds of people will be watching; it's going to be scary! Eek! For today, first we did QR and MR. QR means quick review and MR means mix review. Quick review means that there is a few quick problems like 123 times 8. Mix review means that there are some problems that you did in a lesson from your unit and it's also some quick problems mostly word problems, but there are more problems on MR than QR.

Today we are learning Compare and order fractions. For example: 2 out of 3 2/3 first you have to order that. Then you have to compare the fractions and find the equivalent denominator.

I bet most of us can't wait for yoga tomorrow. Some people don't like yoga, so if Mr.Kootman forgets and someone says "it's yoga!" the others will say oh man. But, I'm always ready for anything anywhere. When math was over it was recess. I know everybody loves recess especially when you get to see your friends. Afterwards, we had to take out our Open Court reading book and we read "McBroom and the Big Wind" that was such a funny book, that type of book is called a tall tale.

Then we opened our CLAS book. CLAS means comprehension language arts skills. We opened to a page called Exaggeration. On that page we had to read the sentences to see if it was exaggeration. I had to go to the office to see if I have everything ready for the spelling bee tomorrow.

We are all writing a summary about a book called "Arctic Explorer." It is about a man named Matthew who is an African American that learns Eskimo language and has to learn survival techniques. Mr.Kootman said we can type it so that's what most of us did. Then Mr.Kootman told me to do a blog so I was confused because I had to do a blog at the same time. That's hard because I think the summary is important but a blog is important too.

Next it was lunch time. It was okay but not as good it will be tomorrow. Some people think orange chicken is nasty, but that is their opinion; I think it's delicious. When we went for lunch recess it was better than snack recess because it is longer than snack recess. It was so hot I thought spring is coming real soon and I was right spring is coming March 21.

After that we were reading The Report Card by Andrew Clements; his books are always interesting. We read until it was library which is at 1:30. Mostly boys get more of the interesting books, but girls get interesting books too. Then we had to open to our social studies book to page 61. Yesterday we learned about Celebrating Mexican Independence because California territory was Mexico's before we got part of it. So they celebrated Mexico's independence from Spain.

When that was done we had to go home. As usual it's pretty boring when we go home. I like school better than going home because you learn stuff and I like education subjects. Some people ride the bus to go home and if you live in Deluz than you can walk home. Some people go to MC CS, which is a daycare, if your parents don't let you stay home until they come back.

So we went home like always and that's not really fun for me. Mr.Kootman wants us to work on our Mission project when we get home so I better work on it. I bet we all had a great time at school get home safely!


Anonymous said...

Salutations Diesha!I hoped I'd be the first to comment on your blog.You did sppaaccttttaaccuulleerr!!!!!!!With a tpiple TTT! Thanks for the info on that day.In my oppinion John Henry is the best tale ever told!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!My dad is coming home on march 21 from seven months of irac.Sorry.I don't know how to spell it.

christian f. said...

I didn't like the summary for Mathew Hensen.

Christian F.

ausitn said...

I like your blog you worked hard on it you did a good job.

kianna said...

OMG DEISHA, you did a amazing job on your blog. i like when you put the word Eek! in there, nobody did that before in their blog. also i like how you explained who matthew was, and what did he do. i also like how you explained what MR&QR means. anyway, keep on typing blogs in the future.

devin d. said...

Nice safe with QR and the MR.

Anonymous said...