March 12, by Austin

OH NO! The report cards are coming! Today we got report cards. When we got in the classroom we did our morning work and then we corrected it. We are going to have a math test on mixed numbers and we were reviewing problems from the math test. We are reading about The Dairy of Anne Frank and we watched a Brainpop video about Anne Frank. It was kind of like the story.

We had to do a mission project. Half of the class built a model and every body did a good job on their mission project. During recess I played football and i made a touchdown. We have started science finally! We took a science quiz and it was an open book quiz. Mr.Kootman gave us seven Brainpop videos. We watched one about decimals. Then we had to go to yoga and Mr.Kootman was passing out money. Then we had to roll up our mats and we left.

Then we read a story in our Open court book The Dairy of Anne Frank. It was during World War ll and Anne was hiding in a little room with her mom and dad. They had to wear a lots of clothes because they were trying to escape from the Nazis. We are going to be selling cookies to raise money for our school. Jackson got to do his mission project and he gave a lots of information on his project. I liked his mission. We won a contest for lunch and we get to eat out outside.

Then we did our class book about pronouns. Then we read our book. It is called The Report Card and is about a little girl who wanted to get bad grades. We watch a brainpop about camouflage that was really funny. When we were watching a Brainpop video a fire drill happened. We had to go outside and it felt like fifteen minuets. When the fire drill was over we finished our Brainpop video.Then we went out for PE and we played warball. Most of the people got out and to get back in the game you had to run three times around the courts. When the game was over we went back to the classroom to get our report cards to take home and to get signed.

Then after that, we got backpacks and waited in line to leave. Mr.Kootman said we can leave and thats what we did the whole day.


jackson z. said...

Great attention getter! I liked the way you described Diary of Anne Frank!!

deisha said...

GREAT attention getter I loved it that was awsome!

kianna said...

WOW AUSTIN you did a great job on your blog. i like your mission picture of San Luis Rey de Francia. i also like your attention getter. i also like how you described the dairy of a young girl. i wonder how they got her dairy and made a book out of it. Any who, keep on typing away to the champinship.

connor said...

I like the way you put The Dairy of Anne Frank in italics. Keep typing!

devin d. said...

WOW!!!!!! Austin you really tought me about Anne Frank. Espshly about the Nazis.Awsome blog in the yoga and the math parts.