March 3, 2008- by Max

Buy some magazines, come on, I know you want to. We are selling magazines for a fundraiser, we can get a lot of prizes. In math we did test review, we are doing fractions in this chapter. After the test we did 2 Brainpop videos!! Then we did a spelling pretest on double consonant words. A lot of people did well and got 100%s. Next we learned about prepositions, prepositions are a relation of place and location words. Then we did another Brainpop video, I can't believe it. At recess I played football with Hunter, Nic, Connor, James, and Demar.

Next we read our anthology book, our story is The Big Wave. It is about a boy named Jiya, and his parents die in a tidal wave. Then we did our vocabulary and clues chart, that is when we find the definition for all of our vocab words and figure out the genre and the author. Mr. Kootman says the clues chart is a good idea because it helps us learn about the story before reading it. Then we explained response to literature, we explained it because we are having a star writing test tomorrow. Afterwards Mr. Kootman handed out a worksheet called May the Force be with You, we didn't get to it because it was time for lunch. For lunch recess I played football with the same people.

When we got back into the room we read The Report Card. In The Report Card Nora's mom and dad get mad at her because of her bad grades. Then they call the school to discuss her grades. So the parents and teachers have a meeting about it. Next, we finally got the science page. When we finished it we did another science page, this science page was about water vapor.

Afterwards we had another Brainpop video, WOW! This is a really good day for Brainpop videos. The reason why was because we got over the line in our marble jar. If we get over the line we get some Brainpop videos, and extra play time. Finally we cleaned up the room, packed up and walked, rode, and got on the bus to go home and that was my day.


jackson z. said...

Funny attention getter Max!!! I liked how you explained the fundraiser!!

christianf said...

awesome blog

deisha said...

that was so hilarious man please write another