March 13, by Kianna

LEPRECHAUNS ATTACKING! LEPRECHAUNS ATTACKING! St. Patrick's day is coming on March 17th. I can't wait until St. Patrick's so I can pinch people and they can pinch me. Hey, come closer, closer,closer o.k. stop... if you hide your green-shirt, and somebody pinches you, you can GET double pinches.

At ~ 8:45 every morning,we do math. The lesson we did was: 20.1 the first lesson of the chapter. The lesson was on ADD & SUBTRACT DECIMALS. For some people in my class, the lesson was review. Mr. Kootman was angry while he was teaching the lesson. Some kids just don't understand how math is really important in life! But I do. Afterwards, we did our math packets. Some of the problems from the math packet were: $23.67-$15.16=; $45,83+$56.20=m Or something like those problems. After the math packet, we took a quick test on what we learned from our math book and our packet.

Once that was done, we reviewed a lesson from our CLAS book. CLAS stands for Comprehension Language Arts Skills. The lesson we did was "Double Negatives & Contractions." Instead of doing the lesson we reviewed it as a whole class. We reviewed the lesson on our smart board. A smart board is really smart.... it's almost like the Internet, and a paint section on one whole board. Double negatives are like He doesn't have no homework. Which means he really has homework.

Once we finished our CLAS book, we did reading. The story we did in our Open Court Reading book was, Anne Frank: A Diary Of A Young Girl. The story, Anne Frank: A Diary Of A Young Girl is about Anne Frank and her family who had to moved to Holland just to escape the Nazis. So, they went to a man named Mr. Van Daan's building office. They stayed there for 2 years. Afterwards, they stayed in a building called the Secret Annexe. Their room was messy.... well, they thought it was messy, so Anne Frank and her daddy decided to clean the attic. Nobody ate because they thought that their room was messy and they wanted it to feel just like home.

Next, we went out for recess. Every time the 4th-6th graders go out for recess, most of the time the boys play football or basketball. But lots of boys from Mrs.Polyascko's class play handball. And they did the same thing at lunch recess too. But that's fine with them of course. If Mrs.Gilstrap (our Principal) see someone playing with a football on the black top, they will be in trouble, or they will be kicked out of school.

After lunch recess, we always read our class book. This time our class book is called The Report Card by Andrew Clements. To my class and I, his books are really interesting. Sometimes his books is a text to self connection because some kids in the world get very bad grades. This book is about a girl named Nora that is really smart. When Nora was 3 years-old, she knew how to do an 500 piece puzzle. No 3 year-old can do a 500 piece puzzle. But at school she was the only smart kid in her class, but the only thing Nora wanted was attention. The thing that Nora did was she got bad grades on purpose so she wouldn't be different.

When we were doing Minerals, (in our science book). We learned that diamonds are the hardest mineral ever. Also, nothing can scratch a diamond, only a diamond can scratch a diamond. Kids in my class have lots of rocks, like: hard, shiny, soft, and lots of others. If you want to see some rocks go outside and look for some.

In Social Studies, we shared our mission projects. Only three people shared their mission. A mission is like a church. But it doesn't look like a church you always go to every Sunday. I did mine on the 18th mission. The 18th mission was San Luis Rey de Francia. This mission was one the last missions to be founded. The person that founded this mission was Fermin Lasuen. Three kids in my class did an amazing job. The kids were, Diego, Aiko, and Jackson. Aiko did San Luis de Francia the 18th mission. Jackson did Santa Cruz the 12th mission. Mr.Kootman was shocked when he heard some amazing presentations from his students. He said, " Hey guys... I'm... so thrilled that you remember all that information. And also, you guys made some good missions. I was actually, about to cry." Everybody in the whole classroom was so amazed, when Mr.Kootman said he was about to cry.

After Social Studies, my class and I went out for P.E. The game we played was war-ball. If you don't know what war-ball is it's like dodge-ball. So if you want to play a game then, go outside,with your family or friends, and play some war-ball (dodge-ball). HAVE A GOOD ST.PATRICK'S DAY!!


Symone said...

Hey Kiana,
I am so proud of you and how well you wrote your blog...continue writing well.

kianna said...

OMG, KIANNA you did an awsome job on your blog. keep on typinng away.

kianna said...

OMG, KIANNA you did an awsome job on your blog. keep on typinng away.

Mattison said...

OMG Kianna.That was a good Blog.such a long blog.

christianr said...

Wow Kianna, you typed a really great blog

connor#8 said...

I like the way you put mr. kootman was angry.Keep typing!!!!!

jackson z. said...

WOW!! Great blog!! You're right, not a lot of people understand how math helps to be known! Great attention getter to!

Deisha said...

OMG that was so awsome I think I want to read it again I liked the part when you Mr.Kootman was angry and that math is important to life I mean without math we wont know how to pay for anything so keep your fingers on a keyboard and just start typing away!
Your friend,

Megan said...

WOOOOOW!!!That was really amazing.You Know you would be fit to write the school paper if we had one.The attention getter was really good,like the last blog I read,it really got my attention.You had an easy attention getter because if I was writing a blog on that day I probably would have said something like that.You discribed our story for that day really really well.As I was reading it I felt as if we were reading the story all over again.It's cool how you metioned what goes on at recess most of the time,it was really funny how you mentioned that how some people would get in trouble for playing on the black top.

sami said...

Hey Kianna!,Consentration camp dosen't look like a very friendly place.I checked out a book on it and I guess you pretty good job summerizing a 113pg. book.

sami said...

Oh!And good job Megan!I wouldn't even thought of bieng able to make a blog that long!Witch means good job Kianna!

GRAND MA said...

Kianna, Im so very proud of you keep up the good work,keep writting those blogs one day you may become a publisher or a journalist! Who know's?

deisha said...

hey kiki i lurv u hahahaha
your sis/friend